Date Published Author Title
29/03/2017 Theo Hobson, Spectator Theocracy should scare us more than terror
26/02/2017 Soeren Kern, Gatestone Institute France: Deradicalization of Jihadists a "Total Fiasco"
22/01/2017 PHILIP HANEY, Jihad Watch The Assembly of Muslim Jurists of America’s Ominous Post-Election Statement
21/01/2017 COL. JOE MARTIN, Jihad Watch Congratulations, President Trump! Now what? Reversing the ostrich complex
30/07/2016 Deborah Danan, Breitbart Muslim Writers: Islam To Blame For Global Terror
03/03/2015 MD Harris Translation of the Manual of Islamic Sacred Law
24/04/2017 Anne Marie Waters Paul Nuttall is right, ban Sharia law now! (25 minutes in)
18/04/2017 TheReligionOfPeace Stoning and Adultery
17/04/2017 Robert Spencer, Jihad Watch Al-Azhar, the foremost institution in Sunni Islam, refuses to declare the Islamic State apostate
16/04/2017 Robert Spencer, Jihad Watch Muslim cleric: Wife-beating “is more of a psychological beating, the purpose of which is to humiliate the wife”
15/04/2017 Maajid Nawaz, LBC Progress can never be made if we can't satirise Islam
15/04/2017 Judith Bergman, Gatestone Institute Norway: Threat of Jihad
14/04/2017 Khadija Khan, Gatestone Institute Sharia Councils and Sexual Abuse in Britain
13/04/2017 Answering Islam Muhammad And His Personal Enemies
13/04/2017 James M. Arlandson The assassinations of satirical poets in early Islam
12/04/2017 Archi Medes Does the Koran Forbid the Killing of Non-Muslims?
11/04/2017 Guy Millière, Gatestone Institute Geert Wilders and the Suicide of Europe
10/04/2017 Miranda Devine We rush to condemn Islamophobia. What about anti-Christian attacks?
10/04/2017 Robin MacArthur History of Jihad against the Egyptian Coptic Christians
10/04/2017 Giulio Meotti, Gatestone Institute New Ways of Responding to Extremist Islam
04/04/2017 Tarek Fatah, MEFORUM Meet the Dutch Muslim Writer Who Predicted Europe's Islamist Problem
02/04/2017 Anne Marie Waters Sharia Watch Update - 2nd April 2017
02/04/2017 Giulio Meotti, Gatestone Institute Londonistan: 423 New Mosques; 500 Closed Churches
02/04/2017 Breitbart In the Wake of the Westminister Bridge Attack, What the Mice of Gough Island Can Teach Us About Islam
30/03/2017 Judith Bergman, Gatestone Institute The Muslim Brotherhood: Peddling Sharia as Social Justice
29/03/2017 Anonymous Reclassify Islam as a Political Ideology with Religious Aspects
29/03/2017 CBN Islamic Takeover: Why Mass Immigration Signals 'the End of Britain'
27/03/2017 Douglas Murray, Gatestone Institute When the Law Opposes the Truth Rather Than Protects It
26/03/2017 Giulio Meotti, Gatestone Institute Islam, Not Christianity, is Saturating Europe


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