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Turkey 26/11/2019 Turkish forces are “heroes of the Mohammadian Army,” mosques recite “Conquest” chapter of Qur’an
Egypt, Indonesia, Kenya, Nigeria, Norway, Pakistan, Sudan (the), Turkey, United Kingdom (UK) 04/05/2020 "The Goal Was to Kill as Many People as Possible": The Persecution of Christians, March 2020
Egypt, Ethiopia, France, Nigeria, Norway, Pakistan, Syrian Arab Republic, Turkey, Uganda 16/02/2020 "They Came to Kill Him": The Persecution of Christians - November 2019
Turkey 08/12/2015 33% of Turkish marriages involve underage brides – women's rights advocate
Turkey 31/10/2019 A new U.S. resolution acknowledging the Armenian Genocide has Turkey outraged
Turkey 21/07/2016 Armenian Genocide of 1915: An Overview
Turkey 24/04/2019 Armenian Genocide Remembrance Day: Revisiting Islam’s Greatest Slaughter of Christians
Turkey 18/06/2017 Can Turkey renovate its empire by the end of the Treaty of Lausanne 2023…
Turkey 26/09/2016 Christians, Jews in Turkey Growing More Fearful of Islamic Extremism
Turkey 09/12/2019 Erdogan bashes Israel, calls on Muslims to unite against the West
Greece, Turkey 08/12/2019 Greek PM chides Turkey for genocide against Christians
Nigeria, Turkey 29/01/2020 How weapons smuggled by Turkish criminals are fuelling a deadly herder-farmer conflict in the Sahel
Iraq, Turkey 01/01/2020 Iraq: Kurdish Muslim authorities allow sale of anti-Christian shoes that allow wearer to trample on cross
Turkey 24/09/2016 Man who 'kicked woman in face for wearing shorts' told police he would be 'less aroused' if she had worn trousers
Algeria, European Union, France, Germany, Greece, Morocco, Tunisia, Turkey 14/03/2020 Only 4% of migrants on Greek border are Syrians, large number are Muslims from North Africa, not war refugees
Burkina Faso, Cyprus, Holy See (the), Nigeria, Turkey 01/12/2019 Pope Francis, 'The Song of Roland' and Islam
Turkey 14/08/2016 Row Erupts Over Turkeys ‘Legalisation’ Of Sex With Children As Young As Twelve
Algeria, Burkina Faso, Canada, Egypt, Iran (Islamic Republic of), Nigeria, Pakistan, Philippines (the), Turkey, Uganda, United Kingdom (UK) 17/11/2019 The "Great Pleasure in Destroying Christians": The Persecution of Christians, September 2019
Greece, Turkey 24/11/2019 The Thirty-Year Genocide in Turkey
Turkey 17/02/2020 Turkey accused of hiding Ottoman-era evidence of the Armenian Genocide
Finland, Turkey 03/06/2020 Turkey deports 12 Islamic State jihadis to their home country: Finland
Turkey, United Kingdom (UK) 13/12/2019 Turkey repatriates 4 British Daesh [ISIS] terrorists to UK
Turkey 21/06/2017 Turkey says German mosque were men and women pray side by side “incompatible” with Islam
Turkey 31/07/2016 TURKEY'S BACKLASH: Christians pay price as extreme Islam surges after attempted coup
European Union, Turkey 20/03/2020 Turkey's Leader Calls for Islamic Holy War with Europe
Turkey 04/08/2016 Turkey: Burqa-Clad Attackers Beat ‘Gulenist’ Pregnant Woman for ‘Revealing Clothes’
Israel, Palestine, Turkey 30/01/2020 Turkey: Demonstrators protest Trump peace plan, hold signs saying “Jerusalem belongs to Islam”
Holy See (the), Turkey 09/11/2019 Turkey: Erdogan's Campaign against the West
Turkey 08/11/2019 Turkey: Istanbul’s fifth-century Chora church turned into a mosque, government claims it was originally a mosque
Turkey 29/05/2020 Turkey: Muslim leaders rewriting history to glorify Ottoman Islamic rulers, downplay the secularist Ataturk