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27/02/2020 UK: The Truth Behind the Fake Hijab Attack at London’s Baker Street Station
26/01/2020 BBC says “man” arrested after counterterror police raid homes in heavily Muslim area, bomb disposal unit called in
20/12/2019 World’s largest Islamic organisation drops legal category of “infidel” in historic decision
26/11/2019 It Can’t Happen Here? Muslim Organization Wants International Law Criminalizing Criticism of Islam
13/11/2019 Blasphemy laws exist in 69 countries, report finds
16/12/2018 "United Nations, Your Silence is Getting Worse": Extremist Persecution of Christians, September 2018
29/11/2018 After Asia Bibi, another Christian sentenced to death for blasphemy
09/08/2018 Fake Anti-Muslim Hate Crimes and Other Lies
30/07/2018 Twitter hires experts in Islam and right-wing populism to banish ‘intolerant discourse’
26/11/2017 Where does halal meat come from?
05/06/2017 2017 Global reign of terror: map plots every terrorist attack and death in real-time
16/11/2016 GENERATION TERROR: Shock map reveals how much of the world is now TOO DANGEROUS to visit
05/11/2016 Eurosceptic Parties Sign ‘Stockholm Declaration’ Pledging to Defend Sovereignty, Defeat Radical Islam
26/10/2016 Sikh And Hindu Groups Warn Of Cologne Style Sex Attack, Tell Government To Learn From Rotherham
11/10/2016 Europe’s Prisons ‘Breeding Ground’ for Jihadists: Study
01/07/2016 Islamic State Tells Fighters To Attack Westerners In Their Homes
29/06/2016 EU Waves White Flag in Face of Political Islam
22/06/2016 Twitter trolls are reporting Muslim girls to the police for posting 'blasphemous' messages online
29/09/2015 Activists push for global ban on stoning
22/08/2015 Islamic State’s revival of slavery, extreme though it is, finds disquieting echoes across the Arab world
23/04/2015 Ramadan: Taxis-Minicabs: Driving Whilst Dehydrated as Dangerous as Drink Driving
29/09/2013 Stoning - where does it happen?
15/10/2012 West's free speech stand bars blasphemy ban: OIC
05/02/2012 Ruth Dudley Edwards: Twisted concept of honour shames any civilised society
24/08/2011 Since 1948, almost 10 million Muslims have died at the hands of fellow Muslims
26/07/2009 Hamas to force Gaza women to cover hair
Abu Dhabi
Date News Item
12/03/2017 Non-Muslim couple imprisoned for sex before marriage
25/09/2013 Two women sentenced to stoning in Abu Dhabi for adultery in separate cases
29/07/2009 A woman charged with having an affair retracts her guilty plea after the judge warns she would be sentenced to death by stoning