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Country Date News Item
Abu Dhabi 25/09/2013 Two women sentenced to stoning in Abu Dhabi for adultery in separate cases
Afghanistan 02/01/2013 Couple stoned to death for adultery
Afghanistan 10/06/2013 Afghan parliament upholds right to marry children
Afghanistan 07/11/2015 Afghan Mullah Leading Stoning Inquiry Condones Practice
Australia 09/02/2016 Islamic School Has Govt Funding Cut Over Mismanagement Concerns
Australia 18/03/2016 Three sentenced to 15 months in landmark female genital mutilation trial
Austria 03/03/2016 Reforms to Austria’s Islam law seek to prevent ‘parallel society
Bangladesh 11/04/2011 Islamist Leader Threatens Jihad if Child Marriages are Banned
Brunei Darussalam 22/12/2015 Brunei implements Sharia Law and cancels Christmas
Brunei Darussalam 01/05/2014 2014 - Brunei implements sharia law
Germany 19/01/2016 Cologne Imam: Girls Were Raped Because They Were Half Naked And Wore Perfume
Germany 20/01/2016 Asylum Worker Admits: ‘90 Per Cent’ Of Migrants Are ‘Unpleasant’, Liars, And Threaten To Behead People
Germany 21/01/2016 Full List Of 1,049 Victims, Crimes Committed During Cologne New Year’s Sex Assaults
Germany 12/01/2016 Too many Muslim men are misogynists
Germany 02/02/2016 Establishment Fantasists Brand PEGIDA ‘Far Right’ And Calls Left Wing Thugs ‘Anti Fascists’, The Reality Is Much Different
Germany 04/05/2016 Sharia police' who patrolled German city of Wuppertal in orange vests to face trial
Denmark 01/03/2016 ‘We Believe In Islam’: Mosque Praised By Police Tells Congregation To Kill Apostates And Non Muslims
Denmark 28/02/2016 TV 2 reveals Danish imam: Teaches Muslims stoning and flogging
Egypt 05/08/2013 Underage Girls Are Egypt’s Summer Rentals (Gulf States)
Indonesia 09/02/2016 Ulema Council to ban Muslims from LGBT advocacy
Indonesia 25/01/2016 LGBT group faces state persecution
Indonesia 24/03/2016 Sharia Brutality: Woman unable to move after being caned in public
Indonesia 12/04/2016 Sixty-year-old woman caned in public for selling booze in Aceh
Indonesia 12/04/2016 Indonesia: Acehnese Man, Woman Caned 100 Times for Adultery
India 10/08/2003 SHAH Bano case: Islamic pressure denies alimony to Muslim women
Iran (Islamic Republic of) 28/01/2013 Iran unveils finger amputating machine for use on thieves
Iran (Islamic Republic of) 26/01/2016 Iran regime is one of the world’s last executioners of minors: Amnesty International
Iran (Islamic Republic of) 28/03/2016 Iran to gouge out man's eye under literal interpretation of Sharia law
Iran (Islamic Republic of) 13/04/2016 Gay stewards tell Air France 'don't make us fly to our death in Iran' in row over new route
Nigeria 19/07/2013 Underage Marriage is Our right as Muslims – Alhaji Asari Dokubo