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Date Published Author Title
16/10/2018 Anne Marie Waters, For Britain Open letter to Woman's Place UK
08/08/2018 Anne Marie Waters, Fiona Dodman Interview: Anne Marie Waters on the Uncomfortable Truth About Britain
11/10/2017 Anne Marie Waters, Shy Society “I want to keep the Britain we know”
26/08/2017 Anne Marie Waters This isn’t fascism. This is commitment to liberty and democracy.
22/06/2017 Anne Marie Waters Islamophobia is not a hate crime!
06/06/2017 Anne Marie Waters, UKIP We’ve Had Enough, Mrs. May!
25/05/2017 Anne Marie Waters, UKIP Post Manchester, There Needs to be Leadership For Britain
24/04/2017 Anne Marie Waters Paul Nuttall is right, ban Sharia law now! (25 minutes in)
02/04/2017 Anne Marie Waters Sharia Watch Update - 2nd April 2017
19/03/2017 Anne Marie Waters British Law and Sharia Law
19/03/2017 Anne Marie Waters, UKIP British Law and Sharia Law
08/03/2017 Anne Marie Waters UKIP must face Islam, or die
11/10/2016 Anne Marie Waters Internationalism will continue to erode and destroy ancient European civilizations
21/09/2016 Anne Marie Waters, Breitbart Anne Marie Waters: Left Has ‘Completely Turned Its Back on Women, Gays, and Jews’ to Defend Islam
24/08/2016 Anne Marie Waters The Islamisation of the Olympic Games
27/06/2014 Anne Marie Waters A CLASH OF FREEDOMS?
15/08/2012 Anne Marie Waters, NSS Why do we allow discrimination based on culture?
06/08/2012 Anne Marie Waters, NSS Women can choose to wear the burka – but can they choose not to?