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Date Published Author Title
24/03/2019 Telegraph(UK), Yahya-Cholil-Staquf To prevent another Christchurch, Islam must confront the attacks in its name that have radicalised the West
25/11/2018 MappingSharia Mapping Sharia
05/08/2018 Gatestone Institute, Raymond Ibrahim "Be Cursed Forever": Extremist Persecution of Christians, January 2018
31/10/2017 Judith Bergman, Gatestone Institute Study Shows Islamic Terrorism is Islamic
05/02/2015 Concit Reliance of the Traveller—a Sharia Law Manual
17/01/2015 Douglas Murray, Spectator 'Religion of peace' is not a harmless platitude
29/12/2006 Silas, Answering Islam THE VERSE OF THE SWORD: SURA 9:5 AND JIHAD
16/11/2019 Jihad Watch The Human Tragedy of the Victims of Muslim Rape Gangs
15/11/2019 OpenDoorsUSA 5 years ago, she was a ‘fanatic’ Muslim—now she follows Jesus
03/11/2019 American Thinker African slavery reexamined by a Senegalese academic
30/10/2019 PJ Media, Jihad Watch, Robert Spencer, WSJ Wall Street Journal: ISIS sprang from 'Humiliations at the Hands of Arrogant European Imperial Powers'
28/10/2019 Mateen Elass Baghdadi: Austere Religious Scholar or Muslim Master of Mayhem? Or Both?
27/10/2019 Gatestone Institute, Raymond Ibrahim "Why Are You So Silent?": Persecution of Christians, August 2019
27/10/2019 TheReligionOfPeace, Dr. Andrew Bostom Erdogan Extols Koranic Harshness Toward Non-Muslims, Seeks Their Koranic Conquest
25/10/2019 Mateen Elass The Hornet’s Nest of Muhammad’s Islam
16/10/2019, Andrew Latham Medieval Geopolitics: The Origins of Jihad and the Islamic Conquests
12/10/2019 Gates Of Vienna, Michael Copeland Islam: The Learning Curve
11/10/2019 Jihad Watch The Ahmadis: Sex and Sharia
08/10/2019 Spectator, Sam Westrop Defining ‘True Islam’ Is Harder Than Progressives Think
28/09/2019 Shazia Hobbs Who is in charge?
24/09/2019 Ammo.Com The 9/11 Attacks: Understanding Al-Qaeda and the Domestic Fall-Out from America's Secret War
23/09/2019 Jihad Watch, Robert Spencer Islam’s Inferiority Complex
22/09/2019 Gatestone Institute, Raymond Ibrahim "Convert, Marry Me, or Die": Persecution of Christians, July 2019
14/09/2019 Spectator, ALLISON PEARSON The appalling vanity of Western feminists who think Margaret Atwood writes about them
11/09/2019 Telegraph(India) Why are young Muslims leaving Islam
26/08/2019 Gatestone Institute, Andrew Ash The Unsafe Space of the First Day of School
22/08/2019 Gatestone Institute, Raymond Ibrahim The Widespread Desecration of Christian Graves
18/08/2019 Gatestone Institute, Giulio Meotti The Extinction of Christians in the Middle East
15/08/2019 Jihad Watch, Hugh Fitzgerald What Does “Allahu Akbar” Mean?
12/08/2019 The Tablet Obama’s Genocides