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Last updated 19/01/2020.

Sara Khan is the lead commissioner at the Commission for Countering Extremism.

This is the Sharia Watch response to her speech given on the 5th Nov 2019 insofar as it relates to Islam-sharia and so-called 'far right' interaction:


Dear Commissioner,

We read your recent speech given in Leeds (5th Nov 2019) with interest and we have published a brief response to it on our website. We are enclosing a copy in the attached PDF for your information.

The For Britain party have launched a campaign to outlaw halal/kosher slaughter in the UK.  Please help this campaign by writing to the government. A template letter is provided below or it can be downloaded as a PDF using the download link provided.


This is from a paper published by people at the University of Maiduguri (Borno State, Nigeria) giving an overview of the aim of the "Islamic Movement" which is political dominance. A copy of this paper can be downloaded from this article.

In January 2010 the assembly of the Council of Europe passed Resolution 1704 (2010) Final version which includes this provision:

18.5. allow the Muslim minority to choose freely its muftis as mere religious leaders (that is, without judicial powers), through election or appointment, and thus to abolish the application of Sharia law – which raises serious questions of compatibility with the European Convention on Human Rights – as recommended by the Commissioner for Human Rights;

Good to see some people in government were working hard to free Asia Bibi and a disgrace to the UK that they weren't supported by those at the top of government.


Women’s rights in Islamic countries

For those who are moderately educated on Islam it should be no surprise that a bronze age, authoritarian, imperialist ideology does not champion things like individual rights, minority rights, etc. This could be metaphorically, scripturally or a manifestation in the real world.

What some people will ask or consider is the extent to which Islam impacts upon individual and minority rights within majority Islamic nations.


A particularly sicken video from Afghanistan of sharia in action. Be warned it is very unpleasant: Click on twitter link to see video.


This is disturbing and unacceptable, especially the support of organisations supposedly dedicated to fighting poverty. A sign of a new fascism on the march again on the continent of Europe.

Ever wonder how Mullahs turn innocent little boys into ferocious killers and rapists? Here is a snippet into how it's done in Madrassas.

Of course PM @Theresa_May and @JustinTrudeau will be upset that I shared this clip. After all this tweet could "hurt the feelings" of Muslims

A few snippets of stories told by ex-Muslims at a meeting with Anne Marie Waters.



Is it immoral to hate all Nazis, members of the KKK or other supremacists because of their ideology even though not all Nazis, Klansmen or supremacists have killed someone else? What about hating child-molesters or rapists?


This letter is intended as a template for people to use to make their views known to HardCash Productions at re: their upcoming programme(9th Nov on ITV) which, from the content of this letter,  appears intent on labelling AMW and those who support her as 'far-right' for having concerns about Islam-sharia. I hope people will use this opportunity to make their views known to HardCash Productions and later Ofcom if the programme fails to present the reasons behind our concerns. Note this initiative hasn't been inspired by AMW in any way.