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This incident was related to us recently by a Sharia Watch supporter. It is a very small but quite telling exampe of the way our society is slowly succumbing to Islamification:

There are some very clear examples in here of why Islamic ideology is very dangerous and that it isn't all 'Muslims' as many do not believe in their hearts but are forced to show outward signs of obeisance to Islam through fear of being killed:



Some recent tweets of interest:


Start: 21/06/2017

I sincerely hope stay safe. You're a brave and decent man and I wish you the best.

— Anne Marie Waters ()

Tweets from ex-Muslims saying they think "Islam is the problem"


Another ExMuslim agreeing that Islam is the problem. Respect and love to you all ??

Piers has no clue. He needs to get educated bf speaking.

— Yasmine Mohammed ()

Watching terror in London unfold: who are we kidding?This is a Jihadi guerrilla warfare not an issue for law enforcement. Time to wise up.

— Ayaan Hirsi Ali ()


Help me get a public enquiry into CSE & Grooming in Keighley & Bradford

Please help this lady get the attention of government on the issue of CSE and grooming gangs:

Selection of recent tweets. The most important is the top one

WATCH | : "As atrocity follows atrocity we've fallen into a choreographed response. Perhaps the time for rhetoric is over."

Spot on.

4th May 2017 - A selection of recent interesting tweets

"I have a problem with the term Islamophobia...that lends itself to the suggestion that questioning Islam is phobic"

— LBC ()



A selection of recent interesting tweets:

Australian 'Your allowed freedom of speech, within the limits we set'

This letter was sent by a supporter of Sharia Watch to their MP after Theresa May effectively exonerated Islam following the Westminster attack:

Dear xxxxx

Given that sharia law mandates establishment of a caliphate and offensive jihad toward non-believers until Islamic hegemony is globally secured, I am puzzled why you asked in Parliament, "Will the Prime Minister agree with me that what happened was not Islamic..."


A selection of interesting tweets from the last few weeks:


How can Netanyahu negotiate with this?

A graduation ceremony at a Palestinian Kindergarten features teaching kids how 2 KILL Israelis/Jews


Dear Mr Tugendhat.

Whilst I support your decision in the vote last night I’m puzzled as to the description of the provenance accorded to the ‘cult’ of ISIS in both the debate and the article you recently wrote for the Telegraph. If memory serves, you read Islamic studies at Canterbury university so it cannot come as a surprise to you that the actions of IS mirror very closely those of Mohammed when he was effectively exiled to Medina and from where he pursued a philosophy of war, rape, slavery and subjugation (dhimmitude).


The BBC Asian network asked the question "What should be the penalty for blasphemy?". As Paul Joseph Watson (Editor of InfoWars) commented "This is the 21st century."