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Amar Khan

  • Summary: 

    In the Quran, Allah makes this emphatic promise:

    Verily, we have sent down the Reminder, and, verily, we will guard it [Q15:9].

    Despite almighty Allah's vacuous promise to protect the originality of the Quran, it is substantially corrupted. And it is interesting that all Islamic Schools also accept this fact in the way that the Sunnis blame the Shias for corrupting the Koran, while the Shias blame the Sunni for the same. In reality, both Shia and Sunni books have narrations regarding corruption and editing of the Koran. Previously, I had written an article regarding corruptions in the Quran. Over recent the weeks, I have expanded my research on the Quranic corruptions and distortion and have compiled the outcome of my research into this E-book. I believe my research findings, as presented here, will end debates or counter-claims against the fact that the Koran has been corrupted and distorted to a significant extent from its original version. After this reading E-book, Muslims will ever be able to say that the current Quran is the pristine, uncorrupted, words of Allah as revealed to Prophet Muhammad.

  • Summary: 

    Conclusions: The followings are the conclusions we get after the long discussion.

    • Mohammed was a pedophile

    • Islam allows and promotes child marriage
    • Bad effects of child marriages
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