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David Anderson

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    Britain faces a greater risk of loss of life from a more "simplified" terror threat than ever before, law enforcement agencies have been warned. Extremists do not need "sophisticated explosives plots" to maximise their acts of atrocity, says the UK's outgoing Independent Reviewer of Terrorism Legislation (IRTL). David Anderson said a sense of being "over the worst" when he started in the IRTL post six years ago had been a "false dawn". Mr Anderson, who steps down as the country's terror laws reviewer in a few weeks, says the situation now presents a "wider range" of dangers than when he first took up the position in 2011. He stressed that while the UK is not experiencing more deaths from terrorist acts – "we have been both lucky and skilful in that regard over the last ten years". "But we are seeing a realisation on the part of the terrorists that they do not need sophisticated explosives plots to take great numbers of lives," he told the Press Association. "People using automatic weapons, heavy goods vehicles, even knives, machetes, and securing all the publicity they could possibly want from deploying relatively simple weapons such as that." He sees the potential return of jihadists – after fighting alongside the so-called Islamic State (Daesh) – emerging as a challenge for security agencies in recent years.

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