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    In 20 or 30 years there will be a Muslim majority in Europe," said the Syrian Orthodox bishop in Switzerland, Dionysos Isa Gürbüz. In 1997 he was the first Syrian Orthodox bishop in Germany. Now he oversees  10,000 Syrian Orthodox faithful in Switzerland and 4,000 in Austria. The Syrian Orthodox is the oldest of the Christian churches. In their homeland in what is now Syria and Iraq, the Syrian Orthodox Christians are persecuted. The monastery of Arth had therefore become a center "for the preservation of our endangered religion and culture", says the Swiss Tages-Anzeiger quoting the Syrian Orthodox Bishop. "What today thousands of terrorist groups of IS, Taliban or al-Qaida are doing is the extension of the genocide of 1915," says Isa Gürbüz. At that time, nearly 2 million Syrians and Syrian and Greek Orthodox Christians perished. Millions converted to Islam.


    Islam wants to impose Sharia


    Like many Christian bishops and patriarchs from the Middle East  Isa Gürbüz can hardly imagine a future Syria without Assad. Because a better man is not easy to find. So Syria was the only country in the Middle East before the war, where Christians could live their faith undisturbed. "If Assad is eliminated, we could have the same thing happen as in Iraq, where, after the fall of Saddam Hussein,  democracy collapsed and Islamist groups took over," says the Bishop. The Arab Spring had only been an interlude. "Because Islam ultimately accepts no democracy, but wants to impose Sharia law."

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