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    Dawoodi Bohras are the most well-known Muslim community in India to practice FGC, known as ‘khatna’ or ‘khafd’ in the community – a ritual that many Islamic scholars around the world do not endorse. In most instances, the process involves the removal of a pinch of skin from the clitoral hood at the age of seven, or between the ages of six and twelve. While the Quran, Islam’s holy book, does not sanction FGC(FGM), the Daim al-Islam, a religious text followed by this community, does endorses the practice. It is likely that the practice came down to the Dawoodi Bohras from Yemen, where Dawoodi Bohras trace their roots and where FGC is widely practiced in several provinces.


    Moreover, why do FGM rates persist at such high levels in both the “global” Bohra Muslim community (), i.e., , and even among  of Canadian Bohra Muslim women? An unapologetic explanation was provided forthrightly in a February 2017 publication, “,” by anti-FGM activist  Mariya Taher. Ms. Taher,  aptly,

    …the Daim al-Islam, a religious text followed by this community endorses the practice.


    Professor Hasan’s note adds these observations:

    Some Shafii scholars hold that circumcision of girls is obligatory, but others think that it is recommended. Ahmad b. Hanbal and some Maliki jurists hold that it is obligatory. Abu Hanifah maintains that it is recommended and not obligatory. Malik holds that it is recommended and not obligatory.

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