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No Sharia

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    The issues of what a national identity is, and what contents a specific national culture has, are of basic importance. They directly regard what Europeans want to preserve and must defend against attacks. In country after country conquered by islam, the original culture is systematically destroyed, and an arabization carried out. The domestic culture is seen more or less as worthless by the immigrants or converts and is replaced by an arab desert culture from the 7th century, alien to the country.


    Discussions regarding who is a moderate Muslim (supposed then to more or less sympathize with our values) and who is a radical Muslim (enemy to our values) are often confused. The reason is probably that the participants use the term “moderate” without defining it properly. The term is often used to indicate conformity with Western political concepts and values. That is not very useful because most Muslims can then not be categorized as moderates but as radicals (even if they are nonviolent). The fact is that such nonviolent persons are willing to destroy important human rights in the name of islam but are not willing to fight for it militarily - just now. If we use Wafa Sultan's definition of a moderate Muslim (1), such a person:


    ...fully supports separation of state and religion, rejects implementation of Sharia law and believes that it has no binding with Western codes of human-rights. A moderate Muslim is one who respects and supports our western system of liberal democracy; including equal rights of all religions, races and gender.

    Last and not least, moderate Muslims ought to be courageous and honest enough to condemn crimes done in the name of Islam and admit that these crimes are all committed with the implicit approval of traditional Islamic theology.

    This definition leads to the inevitable conclusion that just a small part of the Muslims in Europe are moderates while the rest are radicals

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