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Secular Detective

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    Contrary to the positions and fallacious arguments advanced by those mentioned, the only answer available for society which has a hope of combating both Jihadism and anti-Muslim violence, is morecriticism and more debate, not less.

  • Summary: 

    In 1999 the case of Redmond-Bate v DPP went before the Queen’s Bench Division of the High Court. The circumstances of the conviction had been the following: R-B was one of three Christian women preaching from the steps of a cathedral. Complaints were made about them and a police officer warned the women not to stop pedestrians. The officer returned later to find a crowd had gathered and that some of its members were now angry with the preachers. The officer feared a breach of the peace and asked the women to desist. When they refused, they were arrested. R-B was later convicted of obstruction. Lord Justice Sedley quashed the conviction, noting that “a key question for the constable was, from whom was the threat coming, the preachers or the crowd; because it was there that the preventive action should have been directed.”

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