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Talking with Shazia Hobbs, writer of the and the receiver of 4 Twitter account suspension ..


All sane people should be against terrorism yet many on the left seem to think it is racist to be against terrorism. Richard Inman an ex soldier and one of the speakers at the event was accused of ‘making disturbing comments about Islam.’ Hello? Islam itself is disturbing. There was no mention anywhere, online or in any msm of the three apostates who were speaking at the event, myself included.

One of those ex-Muslims feels he needs to wear a bullet-proof vest. That is the level of threat we are talking about here.



Rotherham is one of the most famous towns in Britain, famous worldwide and famous for all the wrong reasons, a town known for the biggest child protection scandal in UK history. The truth is that the biggest child protection scandal is the whole of the UK, there is not one town or city that has is safe from rape gangs. If there is a kebab shop in your town or city then the risks are high that there is a rape gang operating with impunity.

Rotherham is the one town most of us are aware of, the one we all focus on and are appalled and disgusted by. The true figure of girls raped will never be known but is estimated to be around 1400. The true number of perpetrators will never be known either and most of them are free to walk around in Rotherham and carry on raping, increasing the estimated number of 1400 girls to who knows how many.


This idea that Muslims will quickly and en masse adopt Nawaz’s new age, spliff-smoking, liberal version of Islam is absurd – and dangerous. Considering the widespread hate and mistrust Muslims have for him and his organisation and the zero credibility he and Quilliam have amongst Muslims, unfortunately I have to reluctantly ask: who is his target audience?

Exactly what, or who, are you actually trying to reform, Mr Nawaz?

Everything about the words contained in the Koran and the example of Islam’s prophet Mohammed is the antithesis of free will, autonomy, freedom and democracy. If you sat down at a desk today to design an ideology with the express intention of being as hostile towards and incompatible with western civilisation as possible, you would produce Islam. The literal translation of the word Islam is “submission”.

Islam is a highly structured system of governance with roughly 6,000 sharia laws that dictate the actions and behaviours of its followers, both in public and private life. It’s a holistic system that commands Muslims to obey the will of Allah and follow the example of Mohammed as the path to eternal salvation.

Secularism is a betrayal of Islamic teachings, those teachings being unambiguously detailed in the Koran, Sura and Hadiths. Those instructions make clear that each and every Muslim should strive to live in accordance with Islamic law. To reject, criticise, or attempt to undo codified Islamic jurisprudence is considered highly blasphemous – a crime carrying the death penalty. This is the main reason the majority of Muslims are so hostile to any talk of reformation.

In essence Islamic “reformers” such as Nawaz are asking Muslims to denounce the life and teachings of the prophet of Islam and the words of the creator of the universe.

The Koran is believed to be the literal and perfect word of Allah. The text is said to be immutable (unchangeable), timeless.


"Political correctness is a weapon used to silence people who tell the truth” — Ayaan Hirsi Ali


I remember being told that it was no longer politically correct to sing the nursery rhyme ‘Baa Baa Black Sheep’ to my son, who is now almost 24 years old.  I remember being told that it was offensive to black people.  The fact that I was singing about sheep and not black people was neither here nor there.  Black people and black sheep were one and the same to the lefties and political correctness pioneers of the late 80s and early 90s. I carried on singing ‘Baa Baa Black Sheep’ to my son and ignored those who discouraged it


In the UK the true number of girls and women affected by FGM is unknown although there is that 137,000 have been affected in England and Wales.  And I know that in Scotland, all 32 local authorities have dealt with cases of FGM. FGM is the partial or total removal of external female genitalia, which includes the clitoris, labia, and the fatty tissue over the pubic bone and the vaginal opening.


I recently watched a ten minute clip of a ‘discussion’ on some news channel featuring three Pakistani men, the voices of the Muslims in the UK. I forced myself to watch some more featuring others in the public eye.  No wonder Islam is a laughing joke in the UK if these ‘discussions’ are what the mainstream media is showing.  Most of what I have been watching is from a few years back and most of it is full of angry voices.


Another excellent and heart-felt piece by Shazia Hobbs the writer of the novel ‘, this time on the subject of bullying by Islamists in order to impose their views on the rest of us.

She speaks of the ‘creeping shariah’ where Islam is given a place of respect that it does not deserve by those who appease Islam. She speaks also of ‘hate speech’ laws that penalise those who speak out about the problems in Islamic ideology and the scandalous discrepancy between how those who protest Islam by throwing bacon at mosques and how those Muslims who mutilate their daughters genitals are treated. In the first instance the person is likely to get a substantial prison sentence (and will probably be banged up with violent Muslim criminals) whereas in the second situation the police will do all they can to avoid arresting and prosecuting those involved in FGM. We are rapidly approaching the time where Islam will become a ‘state within a state’ and that is something that to my mind should be vigourously resisted.


Islam is never out of the news. Never have I experienced a time when Islam and Muslims have been discussed daily in the news, social media sites, the water cooler and even the hairdressers. There are atrocities being committed in the name of Islam right across the world, pretty much every single day, and probably as I write these very words.

Some say it has “nothing to do with Islam”; some cannily hedge their bets and say it has “something to do with Islam” and some say it has “everything to do with Islam”.  The bickering continues with insults, threats and deaths to silence any honest and grown up discussion around Islam.

Sitting on the fence gives you a sore behind so I say it has everything to do with Islam and the mullahs and sheikhs who control their communities, and tell us that all our problems can be solved by reading a 1,400 year old book about violence, conquest and intolerance.


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