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Vincent Carroll

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    Since 9/11, we often hear so-called “experts” in the West say that the Crusades especially have been the main cause for the negative attitude of Muslims towards the so-called “Christian countries,” which is totally wrong given the expansionist and violent history of Islam. A  cover story “takes for granted the idea that the Crusades constitute a looming grievance against the West that rightly resonates to this day.” While America was still an undiscovered part of the world during the Crusades in the Middle east (1095-1291), the Islam still considers the US as the Great Satan and it all can be explained because of the Crusades. The mentioned U.S. News & World Report was written by  and first published on april 31, 2002 () and republished on april 7, 2008 ().

    To obtain a good understanding of the historical background on the Crusades and the Jihad, we republish some interesting articles which are a response on the allegations in the Andrew Curry article that the Crusades are responsible for the Islamic Jihad against the West. The first article is from a newspaper column by Vincent Carroll, member of staff of the Rocky Mountain News in Denver.

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