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100 French public intellectuals sign pamphlet rejecting ‘Islamism’

100 French public intellectuals sign pamphlet rejecting ‘Islamism’

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Sharia Watch

On 19 March French newspaper  published a pamphlet titled “No against Islamist Separatism“, signed by 100 French intellectuals, denouncing “a new totalitarianism threatening freedom in general.

What follows is a translation of the entire pamphlet, with the most notable segments highlighted:

We are citizens with different opinions, and very often find ourselves opposing one another, who have agreed to express, regardless of what is currently in the news, their concern in the face of the rise of Islamism. It is not our similarities that bind us, but the feeling of the danger to freedom in general and not just the freedom of thought. What binds us today is of a more fundamental nature than that which will undoubtedly separate us tomorrow.

The new Islamist totalitarianism seeks to win ground by any means, and [seeks to] pass for a victim of intolerance. One could observe this strategy when the Teacher’s Union SUD Éducation 93 offered, a few weeks ago, a training course, including workshops on ‘racism by the state’ which were  for ‘whites’. Certain hosts were members or sympathisers of the Collective against Islamophobia in France and of the Party of the indigenous people of the Republic. These kinds of organisations have been multiplying lately. From them, we have learned that the best way to combat racism is to separate the ‘races’. If that idea clashes with ours, it is because we are Republicans.