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2017 Global reign of terror: map plots every terrorist attack and death in real-time

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Sharia Watch



The ongoing , March's , the shocking scenes at Manchester Arena and the  have brought terrorism back to the front pages in the UK. Since the start of 2017, there have been 535 attacks, with 3,635 fatalities (at the time of writing) across the globe.

Many of the gravest attacks have taken place in nations relatively overlooked by the majority of the public including Nigeria, Yemen, Somalia, and Bangladesh. To highlight the problem, and preserve a record of these atrocities,  has teamed up and PeaceTech Lab to build the Terrorism Map.

Based on crowdsourced data, the map shows a chronology of terrorist attacks worldwide on the left-hand side and each of the attacks are plotted on a map using coloured circles on the right. From the list on the left, you can scroll back through 2017 to see which attacks occurred on which dates.