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20191205: Follow-up letter to political parties on London Bridge Attack

20191205: Follow-up letter to political parties on London Bridge Attack

Dear Sir/Madam,

As a follow-up to our letter (emailed to you – copy attached) of 2nd December on the London Bridge attack and your response, we would like to pose some further questions on positive actions we believe are required to address the issue of Islamic jihad attacks in the longer term. These are:

Is your party prepared to:

  1. Implement and fund the necessary monitoring or curtailment of liberties of the estimated 23,000 – 35,000 individuals who are persons of interest to the security services in terms of potential Islamic jihad?

  2. Institute policies to address this issue in the longer term. This article suggests that insufficient attention is being paid to the propagation of Islamic doctrines via the memeplex:- 

    eg: Islamic scholar Yahya Cholil Staquf: “This includes those portions of Shariah that promote Islamic supremacy, encourage enmity towards non-Muslims and  It is these elements – still taught by most Sunni and Shiite institutions – that constitute a summons to perpetual conflict.”

  3. Institute a system of licencing for mosques and Imams? Eg Tunisia Addendum: Licencing mosques)

  4. Close mosques linked to extremist material as the Australians, French, Tunisians and Egyptians have done? Closing mosques:

  5. Expel foreign Imams who preach unacceptable messages? (Addendum: Expel Imams)

  6. Pass the necessary laws to ensure that, at the very least, children are taught versions of Islamic texts and sharia law that are compatible with democracy and human rights?

    See the ECHR ruling on sharia, the Council of Europe report and resolution 2253 that were mentioned in our previous letter. Links to the original documents can be found in our  at 

    This should include Islamic Madrassa and mosques as well formal Islamic schools regulated by Ofsted.

    Also see this discussion of the memeplex and how it facilitates the replication of ideas down the generations Memeplex: for the importance of such teachings in spreading extremism.


Yours faithfully,




Sharia Watch UK




Closing mosques:


Licencing mosques:


Expel Imams:


Consider the discussion of the Islamic memeplex in the above link against this description of the characteristics of a memeplex.

So if we take the environmental meme complex or green movement which emerged about 120 years ago it attracts memes which support its culture. For example, at the extreme, it does not recognise any hierarchies thus rejects memes that are related to hierarchies (simple one). Graves also linked his vMeme complexes to L and R side of the brain and from mFRI scans seems to support his view. Fog (1999) suggested that each meme complex had the following characteristics to attract and reject memes.

“ Bait – This is the promised benefits that make the meme complex look attractive to potential new hosts.”

Sharia bait: A stable society run according to Islamic values.

These include the draconian hudud punishments as a severe deterrent to misbehaviour. The aims of the Islamic Movement are described as instilling “ righteous moral conduct”. A chilling phrase when you consider some of the things in sharia law and some of the teachings that led to this statement given in evidence of a man accused of rape:- “ taught that women were "worthless" at the Islamic faith school he attended , ” which are described in our response to a speech given by the Commissioner for Countering Extremism.

“ Hook – This is the part of the meme complex that urges reproduction.”

Islamic hook:Rules specifying daily prayer 5 times a day, strong social pressure to attend the mosque etc.

“ Indoctrination – making sure that the host gets all the memes in the meme complex.”

Islamic indoctrination: Learning the Quran by rote, regular daily prayers, religious rituals (Note: these are not unique to Islam)

“ Protection against rival meme complexes – this could be the meme that ‘Blind faith is a virtue and heresy is a sin.”

Islamic protection against rival meme complexes: Apostasy and blasphemy laws. Threats and violence eg cartoon protests, Charlie Hebdo massacre, threats that led to the pulling of the C4 documentary on Muhammad etc.

See also section on Islamic Movement. 4

“ Reward and punishment – Obviously, rewards or punishments are often needed to make the host obey the instruction of the meme-complex and its organisation.”

Islamic reward and punishment: Again discussed in the link at the top of this section. See also the Council of Europe report on Sharia and the Cairo Declaration of Human Rights for further examples:- 

“ Taxation – The demand the host contribute time, energy, or money to the meme complex and its organisation.”

Islamic taxation: As well as the various demands of the 5 pillars of Islam and sharia law on Muslims,Islam uniquely levies a tax called the jizya on non-Muslims in sharia which is one of the incentives for non-Muslims to convert. As the link at the top notes the effect of this and other measures is for Islamic countries to tend towards being mono-faith (lower levels of religious freedom) whereas non-Islamic countries tend to be pluralistic and multi-faith.

The Maldives have taken this to the level of only permitting Muslims to be citizens of that country:-

Other links on the idea of memeplexes:

 - particularly 5 Deep Limited


Islamic Movement:

According to statistics, there are 51 mosques in the UK that admit to being themed on 'Islamic Movement' and this paper spells out the aims of that movement.

ABSTRACT: Islam as a religion and social order which seeks power, state and governance of a polity in line with the external principles laid down in the Holy Quran and Hadith and demand every believer to actively participate and struggle to establish supremacy of the righteous moral conduct. Consequent upon the above, the reformist calls on believers across the Muslim world to build a fair, just and acceptable society based on principles of Islamic ideologies of governance to restore human dignity and social cleansing. As a result, some Islamic Movements emerged in places like the Mahdi Movement in Sudan, Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, Jama’atmi Movement in Pakistan, Taliban in Afghanistan, Islamic Revolution in Iran, the Sokoto Jihad in Nigeria, Hezbollah in Lebanon, and Hamas in Palestine that try to seek power, state as well as establish good governance. However, so many challenges came on their ways among which include internal and external problem. This paper therefore, attempted to assess and analysis the struggle of Islamic movement, power and state and above all the challenges of governance using Islamic Republic of Iran and Afghanistan as a state model.


There are apparently also 37 umbrella groups for Islamic Movement in the UK which suggests a rather wider spread of influence than just the 51 mosques that admit to that theme.


Pakistani Islamism Flowing into the UK:

Will the UK become another Pakistan? The definitive answer is yes. The only question is when. In November of 2017, Islamists from the Sufi school of Islam laid siege to Islamabad for three weeks on the issue of Khatm-e-Nabuwwat ("finality of the prophethood of Muhammad"), a belief that is part of Islamic shari'a's blasphemy laws. The ideas articulated by Islamists in Pakistan are being preached in British towns and Europe – publicly and in mass rallies, as discussed below. In an earlier article, I have defined Islam as a movement of ideas, Islamism as the peaceful methodology of Islam and jihadism as the weaponised version of Islamism.[1] In recent decades, Ahmadi Muslims, pejoratively dismissed by clerics as Qadianis and persecuted by the Pakistani state and society, have found shelter in the UK. Ahmadi Muslims will be at the receiving end of Pakistani Islamism flowing into the UK because they are accused, inaccurately, by Islamists of not believing Muhammad to be the last prophet. Ahmadis do believe that Muhammad was the last prophet, but also argue, much like the Sufis do, that God talks to and mediates with mystics. However, the Islamists – Deobandis or Sufis – have determined that Ahmadis are guilty of blasphemy by not believing in Muhammad to be the last prophet.

Jamaat-e-Islami Official Tells Crowd In Birmingham: "Unless Nizam-e-Mustafa [The Prophet Muhammad's System Of Governance] Is Established... There Cannot Be Peace"

Commission for Countering Extremism paper on handling Islamic extremism. An example of tip-toeing around the real problems in our opinion.