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Al-Hijrah School - Ofsted Report

Date Published: 
Saturday, 12 October, 2019

 Leaders have failed to have due regard to the need to achieve equality of opportunity.

 Books in the school library contained derogatory views about, and incited violence towards, women. Pupils had easy access to these, and leaders told inspectors that they did not know the books were there.

 Boys and girls are segregated in all lessons and at social times from Year 5 onwards. They are taught on separate corridors, have separate breaktimes and are not allowed to mix during the shared lunch hour. When they go on some trips to the same venues they go on different days.

 Leaders’ decision to segregate pupils by gender in this way limits the opportunities for pupils’ social development. Segregation does not foster good relations between boys and girls.

 Some older pupils are worried that being segregated by gender will mean that they are not prepared well for life beyond school.