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A Brief History of the Quran


Date Published: 
Wednesday, 1 September, 2010
This September 11th, a church in Florida is protesting the growing influence of Islam by offending 2 billion people. Specifically, they're staging a "Burn the Koran" Day. But is this the first day of its kind? In fact, is today's Quran the Quran that Muhammad intended his followers to have? Let's take a look at the evidence!

According to Islam's most trusted sources, the Quran went through numerous changes. Entire chapters of the Qur'an were lost. Large passages were lost. Individual verses were lost. Phrases were lost. Muhammad's top Quran reciters couldn't even agree on which chapters should be included in the Quran!

In this video, David Wood and Nabeel Qureshi explore the history of the Quran to see if the facts line up with popular Muslim beliefs.

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