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For Britain Party Launches Campaign to Ban Halal

For Britain Party Launches Campaign to Ban Halal

Ban Halal/Kosher Slaughter

The have launched a campaign to outlaw slaughter in the UK.  Please help this campaign by writing to the government. A template letter is provided below or it can be downloaded as a PDF using the download link provided.


Dear Prime Minister,

Your former Tory party leader, David Cameron, says he is happy to eat Halal [and presumably kosher] meat which by definition is the slow, ritualistic, sacrificial slaughter of animals in accordance with religious edicts e.g. Quranic authority 2:173. [ VIDEO: Cameron "I'm happy to eat halal meat" []

Well, Mr Johnson, I am not. My British upbringing in a civilised peaceful culture which has respect & compassion for our animals, not least those beasts which are reared for my consumption up to and including their death in the most dignified way possible & with best practices followed.

1. Why should I have to partake in this barbaric religious sacrifice of the animals which I eat being imposed upon me as a non-Muslim/Jew?

2. Why should my civilised, developed Culture (the host Country Culture) which is founded on Christian principles of compassion, peace, equality, fairness & respect have to adapt to suit that of 'religious', minorities one of which [sharia] does not even recognise such values? Why do you not put the Culture, morals & British values first?

3. Why should halal/kosher meat products be prepared & sold in shops without any distinguishing visual packaging/labelling which would enable me as the consumer to make an informed decision when purchasing? AS far back as 1991 (23rd July) the then Ministry of Food, Fisheries and Agriculture specified that:

It is an offence to Slaughter livestock under the exemption from stunning if it is known at the meat is not intended for the food of the Jews and Muslims.

4. Why should the majority of shops & supermarkets in my country quite often only stock halal certified meat, & even non-meat products including honey, confectionery, bread, cereals etc. thereby restricting my freedom of choice?

5. In particular, given that the majority of religiously slaughtered meat is halal in origin, why should the meat which I eat already have been subjected to radical, religious sacrificial slaughter of a beast pointed in the direction of Mecca whilst a Muslim shouts "Allahu akubar" (the supremacist jihadi chant that the Islamic god is victorious), that which is associated with terrorism, when I want no part of that extreme, barbaric, hateful, totalitarian ideology imposed upon me?

6. Why should I, a non-Muslim, be subdued and forced to pay an Islamic halal tax (effectively jizya) which funds Islamic proselytising and possibly jihadi 'operations' in accordance with the hate speech of Quran 9:29, as part of a trillion dollar global certification/extortion industry?

7. Why do you allow halal and kosher abattoirs to be granted special dispensation from having to stun animals before their throats are slit and the blood is pumped by the heart from their bodies whilst they are slowly dying?

8. Why do you permit halal/kosher slaughterhouses to be exempt from employment discrimination laws, given that only people of an Islamic belief can perform the ritual slaughter demanded of halal, and which provides a 'jobs for Muslims-only' advantage in employment terms as the halal industry continues to expand?

9. Why should I, a non-Muslim, have Islamic sharia according to Allah's Quranic manifesto 2:173 imposed upon me in my own Country where established Common Law presides?

10. Why do you permit discrimination against my own beliefs by those who impose halal/kosher slaughtered meat upon me as a part of their religious belief? Furthermore, why do you permit this barbaric, Islamic ritualistic, sacrificial slaughter of animals be imposed upon the British Sikh community for whom Islamic slaughtered meat is forbidden? [l]

11. Why does a progressive, civilised society such as our own, which has learned through evidence-based studies & technology how to slaughter its animals using best practices & methods, now revert back to a regressive, seventh-century, barbaric means of slaughtering animals?

12. Mr Johnson, why do you and your cabinet set out to appease Muslims & kowtow to Islamic demands? After all, halal certification was not a requirement when Mohamad (the founder of the Islamic cult) was alive. Are you afraid of the repercussions for not doing so...terrorism or something?

13. Mr Johnson, in October 2015 your former Tory leader published the government's "Counter Extremism Strategy" []. Halal/Kosher ritual sacrificial slaughter is a radical, extreme form of cruelty & barbarism which does not belong in any progressive society, alongside clitoridectomy, forced arranged marriages & other such recently imported, abhorrent 'enrichments' imposed upon our civilised culture. I would urge you to take halal/kosher slaughter into account within the scope of this 'strategy' & reverse our Country out of this infringement to animal welfare whilst respecting my rights as a British person who has traditional, conservative cultural values. Denmark has already done this[ ].


Yours faithfully,


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