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Britain's Grooming Gangs: Part 3

Britain's Grooming Gangs: Part 3

Date Published: 
Thursday, 25 October, 2018
  • This reformist activity in the migrant community needs to be encouraged and backed by government resources.

  • "On one level, most imams in the UK are simply using their puritanical sermons to promote the wearing of the hijab and even the burka among their female adherents. But the dire result can be the brutish misogyny we see in the Oxford sex ring." — Taj Hargey, imam of the Oxford Islamic Congregation.

  • There are decent Muslims everywhere who work hard to counter all the anti-social and criminal activities in which so many of their co-religionists engage and the theological positions through which they try to justify what they do. But terrorist attacks, anti-Semitic hate speech, and sexual harassment of young white women are real crimes committed by a different kind of Muslim and must be addressed as such.

  • "Women in some communities are facing a double onslaught of gender inequality, combined with religious, cultural and social barriers preventing them from accessing even their basic rights as British residents. And violence against women remains all too prevalent...." — Dame Louise Casey, The Casey Review, 2016.

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