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A Comprehensive List of Extremist Speakers at UK Universities

Date Published: 
Friday, 15 October, 2010



In 2008, the Centre for Social Cohesion commissioned an in-depth and ground breaking study into attitudes towards Islam on British Campuses. Still the most comprehensive such study, ‘Islam on Campus’ discovered, among other things, that students who are active in their university Islamic society were twice as likely as non-members to hold extreme views, including that killing in the name of their religion is justified. Since then the Centre has attempted to warn policy-makers and political leaders in the UK of the increasing radicalisation of UK campuses. Repeatedly in recent years we have been in communication with university vice-Chancellors and others in a position to stop this situation, warning them about extremist speakers, terrorist-supporters, and enablers of terrorism who are appearing on their campuses. With a few exceptions these warnings and expressions of concern have gone unaddressed. Though public and press concern over this issue is growing, our warnings have been repeatedly ignored by political leaders, university heads and national student bodies. All have been in a position to stop this hate. All have failed.