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Conferences of Jihad

Conferences of Jihad



It was little noticed that last week in London, a conference took place which featured some of the world’s most notorious Islamists and jihadists. 

Stand for Peace (a counter-extremism group) reports as follows:

On July 24th, Charity Right has organised one of the largest Salafi conferences of the year. Charity Right is a project of a Mercy Mission, a British Salafi charity which reported a total income of over £1.2 million in 2012. That year, the charity also paid over £49,877 to its trustee, Tawfique Chowdhury, for “delivering lectures and training courses”. (Similar financial arrangements by the iERA, another leading Salafist group, recently led to a Charity Commission investigation)

Mercy Mission’s projects include organisations such as the Al Kauthar Institute, which employs hate preachers such as Assim al-Hakeem, a Saudi cleric who believes that apostates, as well as Jews and Christians who “talk against Mohammad”, should be executed; that the torture of criminals, sex-slavery and female genital mutilation are “permissible” in Islam; that non-Muslims in Muslim countries should be made to pay a special tax for their protection; that Muslims living in non-Muslim countries are required to have “an attitude of enmity and hatred of the kaffirs ”; that “it is not permissible for a wife to refuse fulfilling her husband’s desire”; and that women are forbidden to be political leaders.

Another Al Kauthar instructor, Abu Abdissalam, is a Saudi-trained British preacher who has urged Muslims not to cooperate with counter-terrorism authorities in the West, since those authorities are in fact waging a “war against Islam itself”. He advocates “the stoning to death of the adulterer, cutting the hand of the thief, obligation of hijab”, and has expressed support for terrorist recruiter Ali al-Tamimi. Tower Hamlets Council banned Abdissalam from its premises as “someone of concern”.

Mercy Mission’s 2014 conference is named ‘Night of Power’, and features some of Britain’s worst hate preachers.

Bilal Philips

Bilal Philips is a preacher who has at various times been deported or banned for Kenya, Germany, America, Britain and Australia for his extremist views and terror connections. He is an unindicted co-conspirator in the 1993 World Trade Centre bombing. Philips has described the Taliban as a group of “innocent Muslim people” who did many “positive, good things” for Afghanistan. He has also defended Hamas, and their use of suicide bombers in particular. According to Philips, rape and domestic abuse are permissible in Islam. He has also justified child marriages and paedophilia, and approves of severe corporal and/or capital punishment for drinking alcohol and committing apostasy. For homosexuality, he prescribes execution.

Yasir Qadhi

Yasir Qadhi is a Holocaust denier who has claimed that “Hitler never intended to mass-destroy the Jews … ‘The Hoax of the Holocaust’, I advise you to read this book … a very good book. All of this is false propaganda … The Jews, the way they portray him , also is not correct.” He then went on to ask, “Why are Jews studying Islam? There is a reason, not they want to help us, they want to destroy us.” Qadhi has denounced Shia Islam as “the most lying sect of Islam,” and has said that “the Shias are allowed to lie and it is their religion to lie.” In 2008, Qadhi claimed to have recanted his extremist views. Around the same time, however, he expressed support for the Holocaust denier David Irving.

Abdur Raheem Green

Abdurraheem Green is a British presenter and lecturer, as well as chairman of the iERA. He has advocated domestic violence, saying that a husband has the right to “apply some type of physical force” against his wife. He has also argued, “Islam is not compatible with democracy”. Green has a blog on which he has written a number of hateful articles, such as an essay expressing support for the death penalty for adultery and homosexuality. Green has also written posts in support of convicted terrorist Ali Tamimi, and a post asking if it was “just coincidence” that the liquid bomb plot “happened just as Israel was getting bad press”.

Yahya Ibrahim

Yahya Ibrahim is a Saudi-trained Canadian Islamist who lives in Australia, and was banned from the United States in 2005. He is a translator and disseminator of extremist religious texts by Wahhabi preachers, and describes Jews as “monkeys and pigs” and Christians as “the enemies”. He believes that AIDS was sent by God to punish “zina ”. Ibrahim specialises in translating extreme Salafi texts into English, such as “Explaining the Hadith of Battling the Jews”.

Yusha Evans

Yusha Evans is a Muslim convert and Islamist, who believes that “Islam is the religion of Allah. applying other laws is unacceptable.” He feels “sicken” by “Muslims have love and affection for … disbelievers,” and has described “moderate Muslims” as “one of the biggest threats to the success of this Ummah ” One of Evans’ “favourite speakers” is Ismail Menk, who says that homosexuals are “filthy” and “worse than “dogs and pigs.” He has also expressed admiration for Tarek Mehanna, who in 2011 was convicted of “conspiracy to provide material support to al-Qaeda, providing material support to terrorists (and conspiracy to do so), conspiracy to commit murder in a foreign country.”

Hamza Tzortzis

Hamza Tzortzis is a lecturer and former member of Hizb ut-Tahrir. He has said that “we as Muslims reject the idea of freedom of speech, and even the idea of freedom”, and that Muslims should strive to re-establish the Islamic caliphate, where “this idea of freedom was redundant, it was unnecessary”. Tzortzis wants to criminalise homosexuality, which he has likened to paedophilia and cannibalism.

Abdur Raheem McCarthy

Abdur Raheem McCarthy is an Irish convert to Islam who believes that “doing anything that helps non-Muslims” is “haram .” McCarthy also describes same-sex marriage as another step in America destroying itself.

Shady al-Suleiman

Shady Al-Suleiman is an Australian imam who calls upon Muslims to participate in and finance violent jihad. He has said:

“For Muslims to get attacked the way they are getting attacked right now, it is jihad. And whoever fights in that position, he is on the path of Allah … The minimum the Muslims should do outside that area, the minimum, the minimum they should do, is support them financially or with prayers”.

He also claims that Hamas are only targeted because they are Muslims.

Alaa Elsayed

Elsayed is an instructor, along with Hamza Tzortzis, at the Al Kauthar institute. He believes that the real problem with honour killings is not the murder itself, but the failure of the parents to control the adolescent tendency to domestic revolt, stating parents should teach their daughters to “do the right thing”.

Tariq Appleby

Appleby is also an instructor at the Al Kauthar institute. He spoke at a conference in June 2014 alongside Yusha Evans and Bilal Philips (among others) entitled ‘Being Men’, which was described as being a “men only zone”. He met with notorious homophobe and anti-Semite, Abdullah Hakim Quick and states his hope that “we may benefit from him for many years”. He also shares misogynistic posters on Facebook.

Majed Mahmoud

Mahmoud appeared alongside Yvonne Ridley, a Hamas supporter, and Abdullah Al Andalusi, a terrorist supporter, at a conference in California. He has also previously appeared alongside Yasir Qadhi. He has also worked on projects with the extremist Al-Huda TV. Al-Huda TV is an Islamist satellite broadcaster that has hosted extremists such as Bilal Philips and Zakir Naik who both believe that homosexuals should be executed. The channel describes Abdullah Hakim Quick (mentioned above) and Abu Usamah at-Thahibi as its “stars”. Thahabi, according to a report by the Centre for Social Cohesion, also “advocates holy war in an Islamic state; preaches hatred against non-Muslims; that apostasy and homosexuality are punishable by death; and that women are inferior to men.”

Mohammed Zeyara

Zeyara is a Canadian Muslim raised in Gaza, who has posted items on Facebook accusing Israel of murdering the three kidnapped teens themselves in order to start a war. He describes Hamas as a “resistance” group.

Muslim Belal

Muslim Belal is a “performance poet” whose real name is Ashley Chin. He composes nasheeds (an Islamic song without instruments) that promote fundamentalist Islam, one of which expresses support for Aafia Siddiqui, a convicted murderer who, when arrested, was found with documents planning chemical attacks against civilian targets. During her trial, Siddiqui tried to fire her lawyers because they were Jews, who she claims are “cruel, ungrateful, back-stabbing.”

Bilal Ismail

Bilal Ismail is an Islamic scholar. On Facebook, he has shared a post defending Aafia Siddiqui who was convicted of the attempted murder of US nationals in Afghanistan. In addition, Ismail Ismail posted a link to an article written by Holocaust denier Yasir Qadhi.

(Thanks to Stand for Peace

Just a couple of weeks prior to this, the ‘Month of Mercy’ conference took place – also in London.  This one was organised primarily by the Al-Muntada Al-Islami Trust, which runs an Islamic centre in Parsons Green.

The Trust is a registered British charity (registration number 293355). It was founded in 1986.  In 2009 its income was £995,420. Over the five years from 2005 to 2009 its income totalled £4,559,500. Its main sources of funds are school fees (£368,832 in 2009), pilgrimage travel services (£224,015), and donations (£207,831). It does not identify its donors in its annual reports.  (Source: Stand for Peace)

You can read the full report on this conference here.

Many of the men featured at these conferences are also frequent speakers on the British university circuit. Sharia Watch wonders not why such men are allowed to speak, but why our authorities fail to make a connection between these speakers and the huge numbers of Britons travelling abroad to fight jihad, and more importantly, why our authorities fail to respond to the rhetoric of these jihadis and apply whatever incitement or hate speech laws may be applicable.