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Converting to Islam - A health and safety warning

Converting to Islam - A health and safety warning

United Kingdom (UK)
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Sharia Watch: Please note this from the - "Apostasy results, firstly, in the apostate’s civil death, with the estate passing to the heirs,and,secondly,in the apostate’s execution if he or she does not recant."

By Nissar Hussain – For Britain Islam Spokesman

2nd October 2019

I think I am going to get an MP to propose a new law or regulation that will save lives. You would think that with the duty of care fetish system we now live under that this would be an easy task, a no-brainer. But what if I ask them to put out a health and safety warning about Islam’s apostasy laws which demand death for leaving the religion? I am sure you can imagine the look of despair in their eyes when they get word of this proposal. Too hot, too dangerous and … and … Islamophobic!

Now hold on! I come from a Muslim family and cannot be a white supremacist, courtesy of my Pakistani heritage. But you can see the eyes closing to a suspicious slit, the wheels in the brain whirring and the eyebrows lowering and coming closer together as they work out how to deal with this conundrum.


For Britain has given us a voice, and it is a voice that helps the party as well as us apostates. The press and the rest love to employ the knee-jerk reactions that have been inculcated into the general population by saying the mighty magic words – “FAR RIGHT RACISTS!”. Not going to work on us or For Britain now – well, it may do if they cut me out of the photo alongside Ann Marie again!

We are real victims of the currently favoured victim group. But not for long. The more prominent we become, the more effective our group is, the harder the task they face in down-playing what we are demanding. As Morrissey might say, “The more you ignore me, the closer I get”!

Look at my talks on Youtube with Ann Marie (while you can), read the materials on apostasy at the and support our campaign under the Apostaid banner. And, most importantly, inform your friends and family of Islam’s disgraceful and genocidal threat to ex-Muslims. It is time we called out the Ulema, the Sharia’s law-makers, and demanded action by our law-makers, our politicians, to deal with this fifth column in our midst.

The death-threatening Ulema versus the freedom-seeking apostates. Whose side are you on?