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'Deadly Delusions': Europe's Deradicalization Programs

'Deadly Delusions': Europe's Deradicalization Programs

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Sharia Watch: Time for the UK government to recognise reality!

  • The latest attack in London was a lethal mix of religious dissimulation and Western naïveté. It also, one hopes, buries all the British illusions of deradicalizing jihadists. As the Times reported, the Behavioural Insights Team (BIT), the so-called "nudge unit" formerly part of the Cabinet Office, had examined 33 deradicalization programs across the UK and found that only two were supposedly successful.

  • France had already tried it out. A bipartisan report in the French Senate had condemned the French deradicalization program as a "total fiasco"....

  • A recent UK government report warned that British imams in 48 Islamic schools have been promoting violence and intolerance. It is British society that must be deradicalized, not the jihadists.

  • Usman Khan apparently saw Jack Merritt and Saskia Jones as "unbelievers", not as "rehabilitators". If we do not change our rules of engagement, more of the same will follow.