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The deeper implications of the Ofsted Report by Sam Solomon

The deeper implications of the Ofsted Report by Sam Solomon


It is poetic justice that the “plan” which kick-started recent events in the British school system-and now proclaimed to be a “hoax”—both fits the description of the investigative findings, and is in line with long-held Islamic doctrines involving the establishment and progressive self-segregation of the Muslim “Ummah” within non-Muslim countries.

The name itself—Project Trojan Horse—was most likely meant to be a signal for those in the know regarding Islamic doctrine, considered by some Muslims to be necessary to gain and extend their “rights”, and was surely never meant to see the light of day to the non-Muslim British authorities—much less the British public. When it did, the immediate outcry was “hoax”! (and of course “Islamophobia”).

However, the most convincing piece of evidence to demonstrate that this is a valid document is that the disputed plan reflects exactly what was found, to one degree or another, in all of the schools under investigation.  This “warning bell” is so loud and clear that to ignore it would indeed be, as an American author/legal expert Andrew McCarthy has written, “Wilful Blindness”.

“Operation Trojan Horse”

Michael Gove, the Education Secretary, reported to the Commons the results of a three-month Ofsted investigation into the alleged disruptive influence of Islamist extremists in Birmingham schools - effecting major changes to curriculum and academic direction to reflect exclusive Islamic theology and values.  Gove also described related intimidation/marginalization of non-Muslim students and faculty. The investigation was precipitated by some 200 complaints in 25 schools, and the discovery of an alleged “plan” by Muslim jihadists outlined in a letter entitled “Operation Trojan Horse”, which surfaced earlier in March.

The letter purported to be a communication from one extremist to another, discussing “jihad” techniques for taking control of schools. It outlined tactics such as spreading false allegations to senior managers suggesting that teachers were promoting sex education or Christian prayers to Muslim children. 

Accordingly, when control is gained within the governing bodies, the next steps outlined in the plan - and seen to have been applied—were to segregate boys and girls in the classroom, ban mixed physical education, biology, and sex education, in line with Islamic teachings.

Muslim leaders’ denial

Muslim leaders from the six of the schools under investigation have asserted that the “Trojan Horse” letter outlining the “plan” was not authentic, but was fabricated.

These leaders have also refused to accept the validity of the results of the report.  Ofsted has established unequivocally however, that “a culture of fear and intimidation” exists within this group of schools, and for example, Oldknow Academy has taken egregious liberties with the curriculum and administration — such that it is already “taking on the practices of a faith school” to the point of excluding non-Muslim students and staff from field trips and other school events such as assemblies.

Restoration of British values

In response to these results, Gove announced immediate plans to require all schools to restore and promote British values in the curriculum and policies of the schools (though at this point he did not “find” that there was a “plot” to take over the schools).  Nevertheless, Gove did take decisive action and appointed Peter Clarke, former head of Scotland Yard’s Counter Terror Command, to look into the “plot” allegations. Although there have been objections to Clarke’s appointment (from both sides) because of his high profile standing, Gove prevailed - maintaining that it is essential to look at all the evidence to determine the extent of the problem, or to clear it up altogether.

Explanation of where they are coming from

To make sense of the concerns that have been raised by the Ofsted report, or to comprehend the grave implications of what its findings mean for the UK and Europe, we will turn to what Islam prescribes for the education of the Islamic Ummah within British, or any other, society.

What are we really dealing with? What we are seeing now in the fuss about the erosion of our system of education is that “unison,” or “unity of purpose,” shows up in the Islamic concept of “education”.  The words may be the same, but the Islamic “dictionary” meaning is quite different and distinct from the British understanding of the word “education”.  Below we will explore the concept, as it appears within Islamic sources.

Islamic Doctrine of “Education”

“Education” is a very specific “doctrine”, or rather combination of doctrines, within Islam.  One needs to understand this Islamic concept—not simply that of education per se, which is known in the Arabic “Ta’leem” meaning “education”, but also the Islamic concept of “Tarbiya”. Tarbiya is commonly used to describe the “upbringing of children”.

However, when “Tarbiya” is applied jointly with “education” i.e. “Ta’leem”, it means “growth and refinement”. This “refinement” is meant to shape and mould Islamic characteristics in a child.  For example, a teacher at one of the schools in the study openly admits and celebrates his role as a “moulder” of young minds, as well as his commitment to core Islam. Read the following statement from the Daily Mail:

“On his Facebook page, Inam Ul Haq Anwar doesn’t call himself a senior teacher at Park View School, which is a large secondary in the multi-cultural Small Heath area that’s just east of Birmingham city centre. Instead the heavily-bearded head of department describes his profession much more grandly—as ‘an architect of minds’. Another teacher at that same school fills in the blanks thusly: ‘All that occupies my mind is the reality, the hypocrisy, the mentality of the western world, and the brutality of Egypt’s Sisi, and the way Muslims are being killed.” He concludes unabashedly, “We need a Muslim Khalifa movement.....”

It is this form of Islamic education which has now emerged within the UK’s educational system, where it is now finally and clearly visible for those with eyes to see. But again the question arises: Will we once more choose to remain “wilfully blind”?

So what are the implications of this doctrine?

We see that what may start off with every appearance of what we treasure as “common ground”, ultimately the focus shifts from learning and acquiring basic skills in academic subjects to the doctrinal level. The shift goes first from those subjects to Islamic “values” and then to the Islamic “world view” – to be instilled and engraved in the heart and mind of the child. As we know, many of these core Islamic values are fully, totally and unequivocally set in stark contrast to our democratic values.

Take for instance, freedom of religion— it is a personal choice and a personal matter. But Islamically speaking, it isn’t. It is a huge crime. Take for instance the equality of all before the law— Muslims and non-Muslims—this is completely un-Islamic. Take the concept of equality of men and women – and so on.  Our British core values must, in the Islamist mind, ultimately be subservient to Islamic values; and that is what “Tarbiya” truly means.

So not only are some Islamic values contrary to British values— but when the Islamic “Tarbiya” is introduced and implemented, the “ethos” is no longer “educational” by our definition; that is to prepare the child for being able to evaluate and to make choices. Instead, the whole ethos and the goal is to raise a generation of committed and disciplined Muslims (who have very little choice indeed) who will single-purposefully cooperate to spread and enforce Islamic Shariah.

Impacts of “Tarbiya” on our society

Once the concept of Islamic “Tarbiya” is ushered in or introduced and implemented, we see the following impact.

  • Radical change in the method of teaching, and the administration of schools, conforming to Islamic guidelines and standards and thus refusing or rebelling against the conventional British standards.  Such changes would, for example, include the segregation of the sexes, segregation between Muslims and non-Muslims (on field trips, classrooms, play times, physical exercises), and more (much of which was reported in the Ofsted report).
  • Pupils become alienated from wider society, declaring the rest as apostates - enemies of Allah and Islam - and ultimately duty bound to enforce the Shariah.  In other words, to become potential future radicals. This is what the Ofsted report identified as the ‘very narrow interpretation and the strict application of the fundamentalist agenda’.

Alarm bell!

One can only sympathize with the Ofsted report and for the alarm bell that it is beginning to ring - for when one begins to understand the Tarbiya concept of “education”, one can only then begin to comprehend the vast implications of its establishment and pervasiveness. In layman’s terms it means that the ultimate objective is to groom potential cadres within home-grown U.K. Muslim communities who would be ready to “strive for the sake of Allah” independently; fully equipped with the necessary knowledge, understanding, and organizational skills to make a difference.  This active role ultimately means that their mission is to make Islam supreme and dominant in all walks of life.     That is, to make society itself “Shariah compliant”.

A “dual system” is a non-­‐starter

To safeguard our nation, and its democratic institutions and core values, other Islamic institutions should be subjected to similar scrutiny and required to comply with the British system so that they are in accordance with the principles laid out by the Parliament.

We cannot allow a dual-system to become established within legal, political, economic, or any other sphere.

Summation and the way forward

To understand the potential danger of these ‘Trojan Horse’ projects in British schools, and elsewhere, one must first open one’s mind to their reality and doctrinal purpose within Islam.  One must also open one’s mind to the reality that these apparently innocent educational innovations, introduced by the Islamist leaders, are meticulously designed to be under the radar until such time as they become an indivisible part of the fabric of our educational system, and thus a fait accompli. 

If the Ofsted warning bell is silenced, then we will see these Tarbiya initiatives seeping through, not only into the primary schools, but also into other educational institutions.

Is this disputed “letter” only a misguided attempt to malign the Muslim community’s efforts to educate their children? Or is it an unexpected gift which allows us a glimpse at the methodologies of the Tarbiya educational processes already well underway in Britain?

When the smoke clears on this investigation, will some of us lapse back into an uneasy state of complacency?  Will we be tempted to once more explain away the evidence by considerations of short termed “peace and harmony”, cultural diversity, or worse—political expediency, that cannot outlast these increasing socio-political, socio-religious pressures? Or, will we keep our eyes and hearts open to the realities that are emerging, and stand firmly behind all efforts to restore and protect democratic values?

These are all questions that demand thoughtful consideration and the basis of any meaningful attempt to restore what is being lost.



Sam Solomon was raised a Muslim, and has been arrested and sentenced to death for disowning Islam.