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Is enough enough? Then let’s start deporting Muslim extremists

Is enough enough? Then let’s start deporting Muslim extremists

United Kingdom (UK)
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… and shut every Islamic school, too. If Muslims parents want that kind of education let them find it in Bangladesh or Qatar

Such as the attacks upon our country and our people by violent Muslims. Two years ago, the Labour shadow chancellor John McDonnell signed a letter demanding that MI5 be abolished, the special police squads which track terrorists be disbanded, and the police disarmed. Imagine the much, much greater carnage that would have occurred at London Bridge and well beyond if this repulsive Trotskyite idiot had had his way. McDonnell latterly denied having signed or even seen the letter. But he is an inveterate serial liar and — soon enough — a photograph emerged of him grinning like a jackanapes while holding the demands aloft, saying they were ‘essential’ for a socialist Labour government.

Meanwhile, as late as March this year, Corbyn attacked the ‘Prevent’ strategy on the grounds that it unfairly focused upon the Muslim community, thus ignoring the appalling threat posed to us by incendiary Methodists, Christadelphians, Rastafarians, Buddhists etc.

Sharia Watch: Perhaps try advocating banning the teaching of sharia law here! Just a thought because the aim of Islamic jihad is to institute sharia!

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Jamaat-e-Islami Official Tells Crowd In Birmingham:

"Unless Nizam-e-Mustafa [The Prophet Muhammad's System Of Governance] Is Established... There Cannot Be Peace"