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Europe has not faced up to the threat of Hizbollah

Europe has not faced up to the threat of Hizbollah

European Union
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ran's primary terrorist proxy group, Lebanese Hizbollah, has been deploying operatives to Europe for many years. In July 2013, after the group was blamed for the 2012 bombing of a tour bus in Bulgaria, the European Union finally made its move.  The EU designatedand terrorist wings, copying a model adopted by the UK. But, critically, it did not designate the entire organisation. Yet today, years later, one thing is abundantly clear - Hizbollah has not given up its activities in Europe. Hezbollah’s terrorist wing is continuing to carry out a wide range of financial and logistical support operations within Europe.  That includes fundraising through drug trafficking and money laundering, running charity front organisations and procuring weapons and chemicals used to make explosives.