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Girls Must Eat After Boys. Ofsted Grilled For Raising Issue.

Girls Must Eat After Boys. Ofsted Grilled For Raising Issue.

United Kingdom (UK)
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Ofsted has come under fire by Government committee for trying to protect girls rights.

For Britain supports the actions and reports carried out by Ofsted with regards to the line of investigation taken with “all” schools, regardless of faith or those of a secular nature. Ofsted is committed to protecting children and ensuring they receive a balanced education in line with the modern values of Great Britain today.

We can empathise with those at Ofsted who feel like they are being attacked for highlighting wrong doing by certain communities. It is something we are accused of often. But highlighting abhorrent practices is never wrong and we will continue to call out those who reject values of decent British citizens.

Equalities Select Committee

Committee chairman Robert Halfon and Labour MP Ian Mearns raised concerns from Islamic pressure groups “that Ofsted is now delivering an anti-faith agenda”. The chairman also raised the issue of ‘questioning the wearing of the hijab’, and proposals that faith schools be inspected under the latest Education Inspection Framework. Also the inspection of unregistered faith classes and Sunday schools“.

For Britain is disappointed that the Government Equalities Select Committee embarked on this line of questioning. There is clear evidence from Ofsted that certain faith schools refuse to change their policies.

The Chairman also told MPs that Ofsted had been accused of “the repeated calling out of faith schools who have not met the standards, while at the same time apparently turning a blind eye to a quarter of state schools which are allegedly failing to deliver religious education, as required by law”.