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This Is Halal - Animal cruelty exposed

Date Published: 
Wednesday, 13 October, 2010



WARNING: This video contains extremely unpleasant scenes

This video filmed by GAIA exposes the suffering caused by the Halal method of animal slaughter. As you can see the animals are not stunned before they are killed. This video proves that the animals are fully conscious and aware of what is happening for several minutes after their throats are cut. Many animals endure several minutes of sheer panic and agony before they die. This slaughter is happening around the world including Europe. It is also happening in the U.K. This meat is also being imported to the U.K. in large quantities RIGHT NOW. It is being sold in restaurants, pubs, schools, supermarkets, and many fast food outlets across the UK - completely unlabeled. You may well have eaten this stuff without realising it. In some abattoirs the animals are stunned so that they are partially paralysed but not rendered unconscious, so called 'stun to stun' This kind of stunning can often be more cruel as the animal cannot express the pain it is suffering. There are currently at least 90 UK slaughterhouses killing in this manner. Please write to your MP and demand a ban on Halal and Kosher slaughter in Europe and clear labeling of un-stunned meat:


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