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The Hate Behind Muslim Tears and Outrage

The Hate Behind Muslim Tears and Outrage

Date Published: 
Friday, 16 February, 2018

A sense of supremacism permeates everything in the Muslim supremacist’s life — even those things that Western media portray as laudable, humanitarian, or understandable.

Consider the rape and strangulation of Zainab Ansari, an eight-year-old Muslim girl whose mangled body was found in a dump last January in Pakistan. The tragic incident sparked mass outrage in the Muslim nation. Famous celebrities and tens of thousands of other Pakistanis “expressed their shock on social media using the hashtag ‘justiceforZainab’”; angry mobs attacked police and government buildings, leaving at least two dead and many wounded; Islamic clerics warned governmental officials either to produce the murderer instantly, step down — or else. “Can we please catch this animal and punish him publicly?” is the question that “summed up many people’s exasperation at a lack of progress in finding the killer.”

Needless to say, the outrage sensed by Pakistanis concerning this hapless girl’s lot, and their desire to see justice meted out to her rapist-murderer, is appreciable. The problem, however, is that this outrage is entirely predicated on the fact that she was Muslim. Many young Christian girls have been and continue to be raped, mutilated, and murdered — only for Pakistanis to respond with deafening silence.