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Hotel opposite Newcastle mosque will be allowed to sell alcohol - despite hate crime fears

United Kingdom (UK)
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A hotel opposite a Newcastle mosque will be allowed to sell booze — despite fears that it could cause a spike in hate crime. The Newcastle Backpackers hotel in Elswick Road had asked Newcastle City Council for a licence that would have allowed it to sell alcohol to its residents 24 hours a day.

But after a huge backlash from the surrounding Muslim community and fears that children could be put at risk while they attend the opposite Newcastle Central Mosque and Islamic Centre, the hotel has reached a compromise with city licensing bosses. Its owner, Santokh Singh Chahal, has agreed to limit the site’s alcohol selling hours to 11am to 11pm and only serve to residents and customers taking table meals — there will be no 24-hour provision and drinks will not be allowed to be taken off-site.

Those pledges were enough for  bosses and  to drop their objection to the plans, which were approved by a licensing sub-committee on Tuesday afternoon despite hundreds of objections from neighbours and Muslim community leaders.