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India: Hindu rape victim cries “Please, for Allah’s sake, let me go”

India: Hindu rape victim cries “Please, for Allah’s sake, let me go”

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Why didn’t they recall what non-Muslim political (Barack Obama, John Kerry) and religious (Pope Francis, the Dalai Lama) leaders constantly remind us: that Islam is a religion of peace and tolerance that upholds human rights and the equality of rights of all people? Why didn’t Mohammed Adil, Mohammed Abid and Mohammed Nazim remember that Islam teaches respect and regard for women, including infidel women? Why did they instead keep on abusing this poor girl, ignoring her invocation of their noble, tolerant, peaceful, equitable religion?

One reason could be that Islam is not actually what these confident non-Muslim experts believe it to be, and that many Muslims are aware of this. The behavior in this case of Mohammed Adil, Mohammed Abid and Mohammed Nazim has solid Qur’anic sanction, as I have explained many times: a survivor of a Muslim rape gang in the UK has previously  that her rapists would quote Quran to her, and believed their actions justified by Islam. Thus it came as no surprise when Muslim migrants in France raped a girl and videoed the rape  and invoking the Qur’an. And the victim of an Islamic State jihadi rapist : “He told me that according to Islam he is allowed to rape an unbeliever. He said that by raping me, he is drawing closer to God…He said that raping me is his prayer to God.”

The Qur’an teaches that Infidel women can be lawfully taken for sexual use (cf. its allowance for a man to take “captives of the right hand,” 4:3, 4:24, 23:1-6, 33:50, 70:30). The Qur’an says: “O Prophet, tell your wives and your daughters and the women of the believers to bring down over themselves of their outer garments. That is more suitable that they will be known and not be abused. And ever is Allah Forgiving and Merciful.” (33:59) The implication there is that if women do not cover themselves adequately with their outer garments, they may be abused, and that such abuse would be justified.

“Kaushambi gang rape case: POCSO court awards life imprisonment to convicts Nazim, Adil and Akib for raping minor Dalit girl and filming the act,” OpIndia, February 6, 2020: