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Interview: Anne Marie Waters on the Uncomfortable Truth About Britain

Interview: Anne Marie Waters on the Uncomfortable Truth About Britain

Date Published: 
Wednesday, 8 August, 2018

Frustrated at what she perceived as failures in both Labour and UKIP (having been a former candidate of both parties in the past), Waters went on to create For Britain, a party that is built on preserving British culture and national pride. Waters has come under fire from her detractors regarding her stance towards Islam and the rise of Sharia in the UK.

I have always been interested in the world around me, but I became politically active when I started working for the NHS some years ago. I am very supportive of the NHS and its aims; that all people should have access to healthcare regardless of income. I became involved in Unison and worked as an employee representative in the health service. I was also studying law part-time.

Doing a law degree opened my eyes to many of the problems of injustice that were occurring in our society, I also became friends with a devout Muslim woman – it was this that began my journey in to Islam. I learned of the restrictions placed upon my friend’s life by her family, simply because she was a woman. I learned that these restrictions were placed upon women throughout many minority communities, but particularly among Muslim communities; women even faced threats of death for “misbehaving”. I learned this was commonplace in the same Britain that had produced the Suffragettes (my heroines), and that sharia law – a deeply anti-woman system of codes and religious laws – was informally practised in the UK, having a profound effect on the lives of thousands of people.

I then read the Koran to greater understand the religion and I realised that all of the terrible things associated with Islamic societies around the world, were coming directly from Islamic scripture. I began to tell this truth and this made me realise the importance of truth – telling it can be an extremely dangerous thing to do. People often don’t want to hear the truth as it can be too difficult to face, and rather than do so, people will smear and silence the truth-teller. I’ve experienced this from day one and I continue to experience it today.