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Iran's forgotten persecuted Christian minority

Iran's forgotten persecuted Christian minority

Iran (Islamic Republic of)
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Iranian Christians are in dire straits in the Islamic Republic because of a new wave of regime repression that has largely not registered in the media due to the country’s economic free fall and popular uprising by a people fed up with the tyrannical nature of the regime.

The mullahs have launched a cut-throat campaign to silence their opponents, and on top of their list are Iran’s persecuted Christians – an ancient people of the land the regime stigmatizes as a gateway to the West.


Christianity, of course, is not alien to Iran where it arrived in Persia not long after the death of Christ. There are  to be an estimated 350,000 Christians in Iran, with a growing trend toward converting to Christianity. Iran’s Statistical Center reports 117,700 Christians in a country of just over 82 million people.

The real number of Iranian Christians probably exceeds 350,000 because of the anti-Christian conditions they face in the country. Turning inward not to expose oneself to the dangers of practicing Christianity has become a survival strategy in Iran.

The law heavily discriminates against non-Muslims, who have been  from all influential positions in central state organs since the Islamic Revolution of 1979. Blasphemy and apostasy remain capital offences.

Admin: This discrimination is in line with the provisions of sharia law: