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ISIS Is Islam

ISIS Is Islam

Jihad is Islamic


Date Published: 
Wednesday, 1 April, 2015

I have not presented the entire scope of parallels that exist between the brutal behaviour of ISIS and Islamic doctrines upon which they are firmly supported; nor have I proffered the entire width and breadth of the available evidence that further illustrate the striking similarities highlighted in this piece.  Despite these concessions, I think it is fair to say that the parallels and evidence discussed provide any reasonable observer with strong justification to make the statement, ISIS is Islam.  The central doctrines of Islam do exhort believers to slay non-believers, they do prescribe rape, looting and all of the other barbarism we are witnessing ISIS perform, and to ignore these facts, to turn a blind eye for the sake of pandering to outdated notions of political correctness, is to pay insufficient heed to the core problems associated with not only this band of barbaric pirates, but to the root of this problem, a religion that has spawned some of the most vile and inhumane behaviour that our modern world has witnessed.