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Islam's black slave trade: Islam's genocidal slavery part E

Islam's black slave trade: Islam's genocidal slavery part E

Date Published: 
Monday, 19 December, 2016

Africa has been decimated; it’s social fabric, people and cultures destroyed.   The barbarity of Islam has impacted severely on many, inhibiting development, equality, freedom and tolerance.   Islamic slavery was so integrated into African society that many struggle with freedom –many remain enslaved even today.
Jihad slavery, allowed under sharia is an effective weapon of Islamization.

Using the information available on the slave trade, and the survival rate of those in transit to slave markets, estimates suggest 140 million to possibly 180 million black Africans were directly affected  (Scourge 2004)  Add to that those slaughtered in battles to obtain slaves or perishing later as a result of the destruction of the tribe, food or shelter. 

Europe became involved in the slave trade from 1519-1815 –ie Portugese, Dutch, French often selling slaves on to the Spanish.   Briton became involved in the slave trade in the 17th century but outlawed the slave trade in 1807.   The International Treaty of Europe, signed by all the European powers in 1815, included abolition of the slave trade.   Punishments in Briton for involvement in the slave trade moved from 14 years hard labour in 1810 to death in 1825 (Khan 2009, p 324).  A Parliamentary decree in 1833 set ALL slaves in the British Empire free. This was followed by France in 1848, then the Dutch and the new United States in 1865.