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Is it immoral to hate?

Is it immoral to hate?



Is it immoral to hate all Nazis, members of the KKK or other supremacists because of their ideology even though not all Nazis, Klansmen or supremacists have killed someone else? What about hating child-molesters or rapists?

I'd say that hate is perfectly acceptable as long as it is purely an emotion and not a physically violent act or one which would deprive them of something for which another would be eligible. As an emotion, hate is an intense dislike. It does not necessarily lead to a negative or harmful action. It is ridiculous to assert that an emotion is immoral. It is an involuntary response to our perception of a situation.

A more pertinent question might be, "Do I have rational reason to hate x,y,z?" Do I have a rational reason for disliking someone because of the colour of their skin? No. Do I have a rational reason to intensely dislike an ideology which which advocates for the taking of my life or subjugating me? Of course I do.

Do I have a rational reason for hating someone because they state their support for an ideology which advocates acting against me? I would argue that I do. I posit that not only can it be rational to hate someone because of their support for an ideology, it cannot be immoral. It can only be irrational at worst. Would anyone argue with the assumption that, to their friends and families, supremacists of all varieties are probably great people? They're likely kind, generous, supportive and have many of the qualities that we would seek and admire.

So, if it is rational and not immoral to hate a really nice person simply because of the ideology to which they ascribe then we have to ask ourselves another question or two. Why on Earth are we being told that it is wrong to hate Muslims? Or, for that matter,  members of any religion, cult or sect which teaches that someone not part of that group is less worthy of life in some way? If anyone follows or supports an ideology which teaches that I am to be killed, subjugated or viewed as less than another simply by virtue of not following that ideology, I make no apologies for hating you.

I don't care if it offends you. Maybe being offended is what you need in order to cause you to re-evaluate why people hate you. If you being offended is enough for you to support shutting me up by force or threat thereof, perhaps that's a good enough reason in and of itself to hate you. If you abuse children and other vulnerable people, I hate you. My hating you is automatic. It is an involuntary reaction to your behaviour. I consider it an abuse to indoctrinate children with supremacist and irrational ideologies.

If you hate me because I have said these things, you should be asking yourself if you are offended because you were told to be or if you have rational reason to hate me. I would never argue to have you deprived of your chance to express your feelings or put your reasoning, nor punished for doing so. 

I suggest that when words hurt, it is usually because there is something wrong with the person hearing them. Words are how we express our ideas and our feelings. Good ideas and rational opinions tend to stand scrutiny whereas bad and irrational ones generally do not. Demanding respect for supremacist ideologies or any other bad idea is asinine and worthy of ridicule and, as so far as it supports those ideas or ideologies, it also earns my hate.

If you've just realised that I hate you, you also know my reasoning and that I make no apologies for it and, that I also acknowledge that you might still be a very nice person....but please, with all due respect, take your abhorrent ideology and go play with yourself.