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Kenya: Muslims storm military base, murder 3 Americans

Kenya: Muslims storm military base, murder 3 Americans

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Al-Shabaab stormed a military base used by Kenyan and U.S. forces and murdered 3 Americans. A statement was issued by AFRICOM Commander-U.S. Army General Stephen Townsend:

Alongside our African and international partners, we will pursue those responsible for this attack and al-Shabaab who seeks to harm Americans and U.S. interests. We remain committed to preventing al-Shabaab from maintaining a safe haven to plan deadly attacks against the U.S. homeland, East African and international partners.

The problem is that there are certain “international partners” that, instead of helping, they are facilitating the jihad by ushering in jihadists through suicidal immigration policies, while pretending that those who have justifiable concerns are anti-immigrant and xenophobic. Globalist leaders have abandoned sensible immigration policies. Their agenda should be obvious by now.

On the same day that Al-Shabaab murdered 3 Americans, Kenyan police also  who tried to storm a British army training camp in the Kenyan county of Laikipia. A British Army spokesperson tried to minimize the threat by stating that “the force did not believe there was a direct threat to UK personnel or assets.” But clearly the jihadists were not trying to break in to have tea. Of course there was a threat to UK personnel.

“Kenya: Al-Shabaab kills 3 Americans in attack on Kenya base,” by Andrew Wasike, , January 8, 2020: