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Kidnapped Teenage Girl Held for 12 Years by Sex Grooming Gang

Illustrative photo of a girl in despair
United Kingdom (UK)
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In one of the worst reported cases of a British sex grooming gang, a girl who was kidnapped when she was 15 was held by the gang for 12 years until she managed to escape.She remains hunted by the gang. The story of the girl, identified only as Sarah, was made public by , a member of the House of Lords who  works tirelessly for women’s rights. The story was  in the Daily Mail. Sarah was a shy girl already in midwifery college when she was kidnapped by the gang from a supermarket parking lot. While she was being repeatedly raped, drugged and forced to have eight abortions by the Pakistani gang over 12 years of captivity, her parents’ desperate pleas for help were ignored by the police, who even refused to list Sarah as missing.