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Legislative bill from members Wilder and De Graaf pertaining to the ban on certain Islamic manifestations

Proposed Dutch Bill on Islam
Date Published: 
Wednesday, 19 September, 2018



Greetings to all who shall see or hear these present! Be it known: Thus We consider that it is desirable to designate Islam for what it really is and to, therefore, establish a ban on certain Islamic manifestations in the public space. We, therefore, having heard the Advisory Division of the Council of State of the Kingdom, and in consultation with the States General, have approved and decreed as We hereby approve and decree:

Section 1 Islam is not a religion or a philosophy of life but a violent, totalitarian ideology.

Section 2 1. The following Islamic manifestations are banned:

a. mosques

b. schools

c. the Koran

d. wearing a burka or a niqab

2. The term used under subsection l.a should also be taken to mean every space used as an Islamic house of worship or prayer room unless it takes place in a domestic setting.

3. All educational institutions referred to under subsection 1 .b that teach Islamic ideology are banned.

4. The printing, distributiori or sales of the Koran referred to in subsection 2.c is banned.

5. Wearing a burka or a niqab referred to in subsection 1.d .is banned unless it takes place in a domestic setting.