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Mass Islamic immigration

Mass Islamic immigration


You know mass immigration is an important issue because you aren’t allowed to talk about it, you get called names if you do talk about it, and those in favour of it will never back down no matter what facts you give them or how rational your arguments.


Talking about Islam is virtually impossible, talking about immigration is virtually impossible and so talking specifically about mass Islamic immigration is something of a suicide mission. A frank discussion of mass Islamic immigration is absolutely guaranteed to generate smears of racist, fascist and bigot in order to silence that discussion. The reason this tactic is employed so often is very simple: because it really works. Europeans have been successfully denied a discussion of immigration for decades.


In an ideal world, perhaps it might be wonderful to have open borders with everyone travelling as they please and causing no harm to each other. But only a fool believes we live in an ideal world, and only a fool believes we can achieve Utopia by opening our borders to all.


As the daughter of an immigrant who arrived in the UK from Pakistan in the 60s, many might assume I would be for open borders - yet I am all for closing our borders temporarily. My father arrived in the UK to work, not to claim benefits. He started off as a bus conductor, working his way up to driving the buses and eventually he had his own businesses, five of them.


When my father arrived in the UK, along with many other men and women of South Asian origin, there was plenty of work, there was also enough housing, they didn’t rely on benefits and they weren’t a strain on the NHS. Yes, there was plenty of racism and ignorance towards the migrants but, crucially, they generally worked hard and integrated, and they were slowly accepted. It was a two-way street: migrants generally proved themselves capable of integrating and working, and racists stopped being racist. In historical terms, this was done in the blink of an eye and is testament to the decency of humanity.


We now know that the mass migration that occurred in the 50s and 60s and the years that followed weren’t without problems. We now have laws, which protect those at risk of being forced into marriage or at risk of being killed in the name of honour. It only took the Government thirty odd years to realise that cultures and traditions that were normal ‘back home’ should not be tolerated in an advanced democracy, and no longer ignored under the political correctness excuse. We still have a long way to go in changing people’s attitudes and protecting the most vulnerable in our society.


Allowing Muslims to make their home in the UK, whether escaping war and persecution or looking for a better life with free housing, benefits and medical care, hasn’t been without problems. There will be few people who have not heard by now of the term FGM - female genital mutilation - where girls as young as two and three years old are forcibly held down to have their vaginas mutilated, their clitoris sliced off and labia sewn shut, allowing only a tiny hole for them to urinate and bleed from. This barbaric practice is carried out purely to destroy a female’s sexuality and to ensure she gets no sexual pleasure, and so once again a new law has been passed and it is now a crime to carry out FGM. Even though we know it happens, even though we hear stories from survivors of this cruelty nobody has been successfully prosecuted. Not one single person. The fear of being labelled racist for not understanding people’s cultures is always stronger than the desire to protect those who are at risk from being mutilated.


There is another “tradition” that is only now coming to light that few people in the UK will have heard of, which is called “breast ironing”. It is as horrendous as it sounds. It is another barbaric way of controlling females: their breasts are ironed to stop them growing, or sometimes they are cut off completely. Those that carry out this evil say it is to protect the girls from being raped. Perhaps we should also remove young girls’ eyes in case they go blind one day.


Britain is now aware of the Muslim grooming gangs who have been allowed to rape young underage girls with de facto legal impunity. In the majority of these cases the perpetrators are of Pakistani origin, or to be precise men from a Mirpuri background, and recently we have also heard of gangs of Somalian men who have also been convicted of these horrific crimes. The names Rochdale, Bradford, Oxford, Rotherham and Aylesbury have become destinations on a dystopian Monopoly board of towns that have suffered a perfect storm of Islam, rape, political correctness, appeasement and cover up. Vulnerable, underage girls being raped by multiple men while those responsible looked the other way for fear of being labelled racist. These are the towns and cities in the UK we have heard about and no doubt that there will be many more.


Germany opened its borders and welcomed refugees, and it had no plan on how to deal with those that arrived. The vast majority of these ‘refugees’ are young, able men, escaping poverty and looking to make a better life in a country where they will be housed and given benefits. It is not racist nor is it bigoted to demand that these economic migrants be returned to their country of origin. These migrants make it difficult to help the genuine refugees, the ones fleeing war and terrors that we could not even begin to imagine. The children who have been born into war and who have known nothing but the sounds of bombs and gunfire. These are the genuine refugees we should be helping, in a controlled and responsible manner - not the armies of economic migrants.


Sex crimes and rape are on the increase in Europe at an alarming rate. Sweden has almost become the rape capital of the world, second only behind South Africa. The most disturbing thing I have witnessed happening in Sweden are the pictures that appeared on Twitter, screenshots from young Swedish girls’ Instagram accounts, before they turned their settings to private. By young girls I mean girls as young as eight or nine years old, children, being cuddled by grown migrant men. The children’s parents weren’t in these pictures. Perhaps the parents are unaware or the girls are from broken homes, neglected and unloved. These poor little girls see absolutely nothing wrong in what these grown men are doing to them, and for many it may be the first time someone has paid them any sort of attention, which they falsely believe is love. Men old enough to be fathers of the girls they are posing with in the pictures and the world is silent, apart from a little outrage on Twitter, not enough for it to be trending or for it to go viral. Sweden is experiencing its very own Rotherham and the world can see it, yet nothing is being done, again because that dreaded R- word puts such Kryptonite fear in to people. No, not Rape, but Racist.


There was an immediate, sustained, moral and political panic that we had to house the occupants of the Middle East and Africa on the basis they must all be “refugees”, but there is no equivalent moral or political panic that we must do something about mass rape committed by Muslims. On the contrary, the only panic I can see is that we must cover it up or make excuses for it: perhaps the rapists didn’t speak good enough English or good German, or perhaps it’s because of austerity? The surprisingly mild weather we have been having? Perhaps the food in Rotherham is not to their liking? Cover up after cover up and children continue to be raped by adults in our country so why should we now care that the children of Sweden are being raped? And so we stand by and do nothing. Do nothing for fear of being labelled racist.


We know integration by Muslims into many parts of the UK has failed and that ghettos have been created, where the community leaders rule their kingdoms and elected councillors have to listen to what they say, or else. Racist. Bigot. The usual words used to get their own ways, allowing Sharia law to prosper and flourish, unchallenged. If we heard only feel good stories about the large percentage of Muslim women who use Sharia Councils then it might be tempting to say it’s cultural and that it harms no-one and so why put an end to them. However we know for a fact that the Sharia Councils operating in the UK do not believe in gender equality and that women are penalised purely for being women. We hear about the women who have been divorced by their husbands only to find out their marriage was legal only under Islamic law and not British, thus leaving the women with no marriage rights whatsoever. We hear about the women whose children have been taken from them in cases of divorce with all rights “granted” by the Sharia Councils to the fathers (the Sharia Councils have no right to do this), regardless of the father’s suitability. Muslim men who have appointed themselves rulers of their own little empires mostly operate sharia Councils across towns and cities in the UK.


The UK has many problems as it is. There are many that are homeless, either living on the streets or in homeless units waiting to be re-housed. There are children who will spend their entire childhood in care, never fortunate enough to be fostered by a loving family, leaving care at 18 years old to fend for themselves. The strain on the NHS is also another problem and with mass immigration it will only get worse, you would be a fool to think it wouldn’t.


We should be controlling who is allowed in, and we most certainly should not be labelled racist for wanting to do so. Young able men arriving purely for economic reasons should be sent back immediately, to deter future migrants from making the journey. These men are not fleeing war or persecution, they are bringing it.


We have already seen what mass Islamic immigration has brought to Europe: it has brought absolute carnage because Muslims have proved themselves unwilling to give up Sharia. The great European experiment has failed. This is the hand Europe has been dealt and the hand it must play. There is only one thing left to do: it is now time for Europe to give up Islamic immigration. If it doesn’t, there will be no Europe.