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Meet a Victim of the UK’s Muslim Rape Gangs

Meet a Victim of the UK’s Muslim Rape Gangs


Date Published: 
Thursday, 4 May, 2017

Before she knew what was happening, Chelsey woke up in a strange house, wearing only her underwear and surrounded by Middle Eastern migrants. It was at this moment she realised what had happened, her drinks had been spiked and she had been raped. 

As she tried desperately to escape, she was thrown down a flight of stairs, choked and dragged back up by her hair. The men continued to abuse her until she managed to escape the house, running screaming into the road. A nearby neighbour witnessed the scene and described seeing Chelsey in hysterics, running from the men without shoes or the dress she had been wearing earlier that night. She managed to escape but not before the men had dragged her back into the house, pulling her by her hair.