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Most programmes(95%) to stop radicalisation are failing

Most programmes(95%) to stop radicalisation are failing

United Kingdom (UK)
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Sharia Watch

More than 95 per cent of deradicalisation programmes are ineffective, according to a study commissioned by the Home Office that raises questions about the government’s Prevent programme. The study revealed failures in the approach to deradicalisation in schools, youth centres, sports clubs and English-language classes. The Behavioural Insights Team (BIT), the so-called nudge unit formerly part of the Cabinet Office, examined 33 deradicalisation programmes across the country designed to safeguard vulnerable people from far-right and religious extremist threats. The Times understands that most were funded by or fell under the label of Prevent.

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Only a miniscule fraction of the programs were assessed to do what they intended because timid teachers repeatedly resort to using “unoffensive” rhetoric. Yet one program that was deemed effective did its job because its instructor defied politically correct conventions and hit difficult issues head-on, while the other successful program addressed Islamic terrorism directly by going straight to Islam’s holy texts.