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Muslims threaten riots if Christian woman accused of “blasphemy” is released

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Sharia Watch

Note that the article by the Express Tribune below omits revealing who the “religious groups” are that are protesting the release of Asia Bibi (whose real name is Noreen). They are anti-Christian, violent-minded Muslim groups who support Pakistan’s blasphemy laws and want to see this innocent Christian lady murdered in cold blood for a bogus blasphemy charge that she was given on the word of a group of Muslim women with whom she was having a dispute. Christianity Today gave an account of the dispute: Seven years ago, Bibi was picking fruit on a summer morning when she paused for a drink of water at a nearby well. The women she was working with objected, accusing her of contaminating the water because she was a Christian. During the argument, Bibi asked the women, “I believe in my religion and in Jesus Christ, who died on the cross for the sins of mankind. What did your Prophet Muhammad ever do to save mankind?” The question made the women furious, and they gathered a local mob. Bibi was accused of blasphemy, beaten, and thrown in prison. [Read Bibi’s own account of the incident.]