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Nazarene Lapel Pin

Nazarene Lapel Pin


Date Published: 
Sunday, 30 October, 2016

Unfortunately, the plight of one minority being set upon – in particular, but not exclusively, by the Islamic State – has yet to become the subject of appropriate outrage around the world: Christians are being rounded up, raped, robbed and murdered by these and other jihadists across much of the Middle East. The Islamic State has even killed Christian children, just because of their faith. Typically, when IS jihadists conquer an area, they target Christian minorities by labeling their homes with the Arabic letter ن (pronounced “nun”), shorthand for the Arabic word Nasrani, which means Nazarene – a believer in Jesus of Nazareth and, therefore, a Christian. Once marked in this fashion, they are singled out for persecution, and given the simple choice – convert, submit or die.

In the lands controlled by the Islamic State, the Arabic letter ن is the modern day version of the Star of David that Jews were forced to wear in Nazi Germany and the lands it conquered.

Admin: People are suggesting use that symbol as a sign of resistance and support in the West.