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No one talks about the fact that in sharia courts, British Muslim women have fewer rights than women in Islamic countries

United Kingdom (UK)
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Channel 4 has commissioned a documentary titled , to be shown this Tuesday. It examines whether Britain’s centuries-old marriage laws need to be updated to reflect and better serve today’s multifaith society. The sighs and groans have already begun from Muslims about this on my social media. “Not another documentary ‘othering’ Muslims,” have been the cries. I do not share this complaint. I have heard enough tales of women wronged and almost destroyed in the cases of separation and divorce to know that this is a subject that needs to be shouted about from the rooftops in order to obtain a change in the law. One which will give British Muslim women the right to a civil divorce and a share of matrimonial finances.

Admin: This appears to be an attempt to get sharia law recognised in UK law.