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North Dakota: Muslim hits his stepdaughter with broomstick for refusing to wear hijab

North Dakota: Muslim hits his stepdaughter with broomstick for refusing to wear hijab

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Witless Western feminists now have an annual event, World Hijab Day, in which they don hijabs in order to show solidarity with Muslim women in the West who supposedly experience abuse for wearing the hijab, although a great many of these incidents have been found to have been faked by the alleged victims. The real victims of abuse over wearing the hijab are much more often girls and women who don’t wear it, such as Youness Moussaid’s stepdaughter. Aqsa Parvez’s Muslim father  with her hijab after she refused to wear it. Amina Muse Ali was a Christian woman in Somalia whom  40 women were  for not wearing the hijab. Alya Al-Safar’s  and harm her family because she stopped wearing the hijab in Britain. Amira Osman Hamid  in Sudan for refusing to wear the hijab. An Egyptian girl, also named Amira,  after being brutalized by her family for refusing to wear the hijab. Muslim and non-Muslim teachers at the Islamic College of South Australia were  or be fired. Women in Chechnya were  because they weren’t wearing hijab. Other women in Chechnya were  for not wearing hijab. Elementary school teachers in Tunisia were  for not wearing hijab. Syrian schoolgirls were  unless they wore hijab. Women in Gaza were forced by  to wear hijab. Women in Iran  by daring to take off their hijabs. Women in London were  by Muslim thugs if they didn’t wear hijab. An anonymous young Muslim woman doffed her hijab outside her home and  in fear of her parents. Fifteen girls in Saudi Arabia  when the religious police wouldn’t let them leave their burning school building because they had taken off their hijabs in their all-female environment. A girl in Italy  by her mother for not wearing hijab. Other women and girls have been killed or threatened, or live in fear for daring not to wear the hijab. But where are the feminists standing in solidarity with them?

“Man accused of abusing stepdaughter with broomstick over religious beliefs,” by Travis Svihovec, , December 6, 2019 (thanks to the ):